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They Don’t Deserve Your Anger

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Hurt. This is something I do often. Whenever someone is being rude or mean to me I still try to be nice to them. But sometimes I don’t know if I am hurting myself by doing that. Whenever these people make these rude or hurtful comments, I do get hurt but I just brush it off. I start to think of reasons why they are saying these things. I try to look at things from their perspective and justify that it is my fault.

The reason I do this is that “I don’t want to cause more trouble… they don’t deserve your anger”. Yes they are hurting me, but it doesn’t mean that I should be doing the same to them.

This is kind of weird but I compare what I do to Gandhi’s peaceful protest. He advised others to take and took himself the beating from the British while disobeying them. Similarly, I let them hurt me while I don’t succumb to their taunting. To be honest, they have made me more compassionate than angry. So, try to be nice whenever you can, being angry will only hurt you in the long run (since you may make some enemies or more scientifically it isn’t good for your health). Yes, it is hard, there were a countless amount of times where I wanted to talk back to them, but it will be worth it! 🙂


Lifestyle Changes for Happiness

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  1. Drink more water! Experts recommend drinking half your weight in ounces of water.
  2. Journal! Think about the highs and lows for each day.
  3. Exercise! Even taking a walk outside will clear your mind and help you feel less stressed.
  4. Cook a meal! Knowing what goes in your food gives you insight on how you’re fueling your body and what it can do for how you feel throughout the day.
  5. Take naps (if necessary)! Getting enough sleep is important for cognitive functioning and happiness.

How To Find Peace in Everyday Life

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How to Find Peace in Everyday Life:

  1. Do what makes you happy.
  2. Know that everything will be alright.
  3. Take breaks, rest.
  4. Spend time with friends and family.
  5. Go outside! I find that sitting in front of my computer or using my phone all day really drains me. Nature just has a way of waking us up and freeing us. If you’re feeling stressed, take a step outside and enjoy the trees and plants around you. Feel the breeze in your hair and hear the sounds of nature.
  6. Finish tasks. If procrastination is stressing you, end your torture. Finish whatever you’re pushing off and then be free!

How to pursue your passion

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  • If you’re new to it and still don’t know a lot about it, it’s better late than never to start learning. If it’s something that you feel you really love and are passionate about, it won’t matter, and everyone has to start sometime.
  • Don’t get too caught up in it and forget about everything else. Even if you’re chasing your passion, you can’t just neglect everything else. Health is very important, considering how stressful it is to pursue a passion, and you can’t forget about friends and family who support you.
  • Patience is key; nothing happens overnight. ‘Nuff said.
  • It’s okay to ask others for help. This type of thing is by no means easy, and there is no shame in asking experienced others who probably struggled and asked for help as well.


Don’t give up. If it’s something you love and are truly passionate about, this will be self-evident.

6 Foods that Make Your Skin Glow:

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  1. Apple- filled with Vitamin C to firm your skin!
  2. Carrot- beta carotene fights wrinkles and improves skin
  3. Lemon- Vitamin C brightens your face and avoids blackheads and pimples
  4. Spinach- Antioxidants strengthen skin tissue
  5. Sweet Potato- Fights acne-causing bacteria
  6. Tomato- Lycopene has anti-aging properties to keep you smiling strong

How to make this summer memorable

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  • Be with the ones you love. I get it, you need to be alone sometimes, I’m like that too, but humans are very social animals, so a little interaction is just what you need. Be with family and friends a lot during summer because you know that during the school year, you’re too busy to spend time with them. It’s also a nice way to relax because the pleasant company of those you love can help you unwind from all of your stress. Have lots of fun with them so you can look back on those times when school starts again, and have the next summer when you can make more memories to look forward to.
  • Go places to create new experiences, even if you have to dish out a little bit of money. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Experiences are more important than physical objects,” and it’s true. I like to think that experiences are priceless. Experiencing new things, especially with others, is really important because of the new ideas that you’ll have about people and places, and about yourself. It can create plenty of new, pleasant memories. It’s also a great way to relax.
  • Live in the moment. I talked about this yesterday, but I’m going to say it again. It’s so important to leave behind stress because even though something may seem awful and difficult to handle, you can’t worry about it forever. You need to let go of that stress sometimes, and focus on what matters at the time: having fun and being with others.



How to get organized

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  • Make sure you know where things are. The age-old problem of organizing objects comes from putting everything in a nice place, but forgetting where everything is. You’re only human, and rearranging so many things at once makes it too hard to adjust. Wherever you decide to put things to make a place look neater, make sure you can find those things!
  • To-do lists are your best friend. It’s hard to completely have a perfectly planned out schedule that dictates every second of everyday, and where’s the fun in that? Rather than keep an entire daily schedule, only have set times for set appointments and keep everything else that you need to do on a to-do list. Writing it all out helps you remember everything that you have to do, and it will not only help you determine what needs to be done, but also show you what’s more urgent. Even if you don’t use it for everything, it’s especially a nice tool to use when you’re stressed and you don’t even know everything you have to do because writing it down helps you relax by making you see that “a lot” may not be that much after all.
  • Only do one thing at a time. This rule is important especially if you’re trying to organize several things at once, like your desk and your daily journal. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by all that you have to do, so the best way to avoid it is to not plan to organize several things at once. Pick one thing to do at a time and stick to it; it’s a lot more efficient and less stressful to finish one thing than to start five things and finish none. The more you finish, the more motivated you’ll be to keep going, and the best way to finish more is to not overwhelm yourself!
  • Don’t spend too much time trying to organize. Your time is precious, and organizing takes a lot of that time away. While it is important to be organized, a lot of people I know spend so much time doing so that they miss a lot of things in their lives. Be organized, but don’t dedicate your life to it.
  • Not everyone gets organized in the same way. One person might have perfectly labeled notes with different colors, highlights, and post-its, and have labelled drawers for everything, with clothes organized by season and color, but this is not always cut out for everyone. As long as you feel comfortable with your organizational method, and it is not too time-consuming, anything is okay! So don’t feel pressured to pull out that label maker for everything!



How to Maintain a Healthy Friendship

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How to maintain a friendship

  1. Show your appreciation
  2. Speak with each other often
  3. Have fun together!!
  4. Build mutual trust
  5. Handle conflicts maturely and appropriately

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How to maintain a healthy friendship 😃!


How to maintain a healthy friendship:

Talk to your friends–if something is bothering you, your friends will be there.

Be respectful–conversely, if someone doesn’t want to talk, respect their decision. (but be ready with a hug!)

Have fun–I know, I know, it’s such a vague and overused expression, but planning a fun day with your friends really do help make everyone closer

Make sure it is not a one way road–It’s important to know when you are in an unhealthy friendship, and that is usually when one person will do anything for the other while it won’t be like that the other way. Also, make sure that you’re giving and working for the friendship as well.


Silver Lining is undergoing some major changes in the upcoming month! We plan to start podcasts, completely change up our posts (remove challenges, add jokes, tips, etc) and more. What would you guys like to see in SL? We just want Silver Lining to be more delightful for you!

Tips on Opening up to Friends

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Tips on Opening Up to Friends

    1. Friends can be trusted. Don’t be ashamed to talk to your friends!
    2. Don’t force yourself to tell a friend something, because it takes a lot of time to build that trust, so just say it when you think you can.
    3. You’re not a burden by entrusting your friends with a piece of information about you, because your close friends will care about you no matter what. They want to know more about you and help you out.
    4. Set a date to tell your friend, so you don’t keep pushing it back, if you’re afraid. It’s going to be just fine


  • Everything is going to be alright. Don’t overthink things and just take it easy. It will all work out and your friends and family love you.