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Summer Memories

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Summer Memories by Teresa Dearing

Hot pavement burns the feet,

Cool green grass what a treat.


Sand stuck between the toes,

Sun burnt skin on the nose.


Cotton clouds floating by,

Baby blue paints the sky.


Kids running out to play,

School is out, happy day.


Summer smells fill the air,

As we play with out care.


Waiting lines, ice cream stands,

Young and old are the fans.


All nature’s running high,

Summers breeze brush the sky.


Pools and waves cool the skin,

What a day for a friend.


Tired, sleepy children cry,

Once more, they want to try.


Visit family, see friends,

All too soon summer ends.


Soon tired of summer’s heat,

Autumn brings cool relief.


Cool days turn green to gold,

Summer memories~we hold.

Summer brings hope with it.

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When you’re in elementary school, you’re always looking forward to summer, when you can play freely and have fun with friends. Later on, in high school and college, you’re still looking forward to summer, when you can relax after a long year of hard work and stress. No matter what your summer is really like, you still look forward to it because of the promise of new, happy memories after a long time devoid of memories that don’t involve stress in some way, because even if you’re dissatisfied with some parts of summers, you always have fun and make new memories through friendship and experiences. It’s important to keep looking forward to those memories because they will always come, no matter what you may think of how hopeless you feel. In that way, summer brings hope with it–the hope of new memories, new beginnings, and happiness. Hold on to that hope and keep making these new memories to renew that hope because it can get you through the toughest of times.

How to make this summer memorable

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  • Be with the ones you love. I get it, you need to be alone sometimes, I’m like that too, but humans are very social animals, so a little interaction is just what you need. Be with family and friends a lot during summer because you know that during the school year, you’re too busy to spend time with them. It’s also a nice way to relax because the pleasant company of those you love can help you unwind from all of your stress. Have lots of fun with them so you can look back on those times when school starts again, and have the next summer when you can make more memories to look forward to.
  • Go places to create new experiences, even if you have to dish out a little bit of money. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Experiences are more important than physical objects,” and it’s true. I like to think that experiences are priceless. Experiencing new things, especially with others, is really important because of the new ideas that you’ll have about people and places, and about yourself. It can create plenty of new, pleasant memories. It’s also a great way to relax.
  • Live in the moment. I talked about this yesterday, but I’m going to say it again. It’s so important to leave behind stress because even though something may seem awful and difficult to handle, you can’t worry about it forever. You need to let go of that stress sometimes, and focus on what matters at the time: having fun and being with others.



How to stay less anxious during summer

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  • Try to find a balance between working and relaxing–Summer should be all about relaxing; it is a short period of time where we are given time to take a break from the intensity of the school year. That being said, it is important to work on whatever you have to do, without waiting for the very last minute.
  • Go outside–With the warm and relaxing weather, now is a perfect time to go outside for a break. Go jogging, read a book, do something that will help  take your mind off whatever you are stressed about, but will also keep you healthy.
  • Talk to your friends–Your friends are always going to be there for you, so if there ever is a time where you are feeling anxious, give them a call and talk to them.


Exercise–It is scientifically proven that exercise decreases stress and anxiety, so try going to the gym or a 30-day challenge in your own house.

My Room

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My room is a place of both solitude and friendship. It provides me with comfort during the most difficult and trying times, and amusement with friends during the pleasant and enjoyable times. The bright summer sun casts light and heat into the room through my big window onto my turquoise walls, brightening up the room and prompting me to turn on the fan. It is a time of friendship and joy; my friends’ frequent visits to my house bring laughter into my room, causing the bright room to somehow seem brighter and fight away the solitude that sprung up during the school year. Summer is a time of freedom to do the things I love and to immerse myself completely in happiness. Blissfully, I look out the window at sunset and see the colors of the setting sun, seeming large at this time than at any other time of day, the sky, tinted by the sunlight yet still blue in some areas, and the mountains, distant and green, dance in a glorious and magnificent choreography that makes me to wish that summer would never end.

Summer Plans: A Short Story

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“So now that summer’s over, we have to go to the beach and the amusement park and do everything!” said Sariah, who lay on her bed contently after the last day of school. “What should we do first?”

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I started coming up with a schedule,” replied Annie from her seat on Sariah’s desk chair. “I was thinking, how about tomorrow we leave at 8 and spend the whole day at the beach, and then we do the same the day after for the park?”

“Whoa, slow down there,” said Fermin, startling both girls who thought he was sleeping on the ground before he spoke up. “We had to get up at 6 for school everyday for weeks. Why do you want to keep me from sleeping any longer?”

“Well, you’re always sleeping,” muttered Sariah.

“Well, sleep just so happens to be my one true love. Forgive me for wanting to spend more time sleeping.”

“Either way, Fermin’s right, Annie,” said Sariah. “We just got out of school and we have two months to do fun stuff. Why pack it all in now and ruin our already damaged sleep schedules?”

“Now you’re talkin’ my language.” Fermin grinned.

“But if we do more now, we can fit even more in later on, so we can do more fun stuff this summer,” defended Annie.

“Yeah, but I’d rather just spend some time hanging out with you guys normally too. It’s just as fun,” said Fermin.

“Let’s just have fun, and do things when we feel like. We don’t need a plan to have fun. Let’s just have fun on our own,” said Sariah.

“Alright,” said Annie, slightly begrudgingly, as she tossed the paper with her plan on it in the trash.