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Summer brings hope with it.

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When you’re in elementary school, you’re always looking forward to summer, when you can play freely and have fun with friends. Later on, in high school and college, you’re still looking forward to summer, when you can relax after a long year of hard work and stress. No matter what your summer is really like, you still look forward to it because of the promise of new, happy memories after a long time devoid of memories that don’t involve stress in some way, because even if you’re dissatisfied with some parts of summers, you always have fun and make new memories through friendship and experiences. It’s important to keep looking forward to those memories because they will always come, no matter what you may think of how hopeless you feel. In that way, summer brings hope with it–the hope of new memories, new beginnings, and happiness. Hold on to that hope and keep making these new memories to renew that hope because it can get you through the toughest of times.

How to make this summer memorable

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  • Be with the ones you love. I get it, you need to be alone sometimes, I’m like that too, but humans are very social animals, so a little interaction is just what you need. Be with family and friends a lot during summer because you know that during the school year, you’re too busy to spend time with them. It’s also a nice way to relax because the pleasant company of those you love can help you unwind from all of your stress. Have lots of fun with them so you can look back on those times when school starts again, and have the next summer when you can make more memories to look forward to.
  • Go places to create new experiences, even if you have to dish out a little bit of money. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Experiences are more important than physical objects,” and it’s true. I like to think that experiences are priceless. Experiencing new things, especially with others, is really important because of the new ideas that you’ll have about people and places, and about yourself. It can create plenty of new, pleasant memories. It’s also a great way to relax.
  • Live in the moment. I talked about this yesterday, but I’m going to say it again. It’s so important to leave behind stress because even though something may seem awful and difficult to handle, you can’t worry about it forever. You need to let go of that stress sometimes, and focus on what matters at the time: having fun and being with others.



Live life to the fullest everyday, without regrets.

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Last summer, I went out of town for a program right when there was a lot of drama in my friend group. Things were really getting heated, and I was so worried that that was all I could think about during the first half of my trip. I didn’t even think about the new people I met at that program, who were really nice and I liked because our experiences were so different that it was interesting. I realized this halfway through my trip, and decided to forget about what was happening at home and to just enjoy my trip and being with these new friends.

Those few days were the highlight of my summer that year, but I realized during those days that I wasn’t a really close member of that friend group because I had been so worried about other things, that I didn’t really hang out with them, so I had only 5 days to become closer with them, and, of course, I ended up being isolated, in a sense, because I didn’t know them as well. I really regretted, and still regret, not focusing on where I was at and who I was with to make memories. It was supposed to be a trip where I could have left my problems behind at home, but instead I took them with me, and it just made a mess for me.

That’s exactly why I feel that we need to live in the moment and constantly make new memories, not just remember old ones. There is something wonderful about every day, and as long as you live in the present, you can find it and remember it. However, if your mind is stuck in the past, you won’t be able to find it.

What a Good Day

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I watch my friends walk away to get ice cream for the three of us before turning my head forward, towards the sea. School was over, and after an embarrassingly long time of planning a trip to the beach, my friends and I finally got to go and relax after the stress that always accompanies the end of the school year.

We’d gone shopping earlier in the day, and simply walked around the little town, taking in the sights of others walking around while window shopping, vendors in stalls on the streets, and the street performers, who never fail to gather their audiences. Now it was 4:13, and we just arrived at the beach and set up our chairs.

I lay back on my own beach chair, watching the other beachgoers rejoice in their summertime. A group of teenagers were burying their friend in the sand, and it made me smile as I remembered doing that with my friends. Another group of people was playing volleyball, while more groups still were doing just what I was: watching as the ocean’s tide moved in and out. The full moon was that day, so the waves were large enough for a fun time surfing, which was exactly what more people were doing. I also saw a few families, kids looking in the tide pools in wonder with their parents. Everyone looked so happy, that I felt at peace just seeing it. I smiled and closed my eyes, soaking up the sun, until a shadow blocked the sun’s rays.

“One chocolate cone.”

I smiled and took the cone, feeling completely blissful. What a good day, I thought.

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Decide to feel good today

This is very true! We have to practice to feel good. Our mood is what we decide. We can decide to let is get the best of us or make ourselves happy. By spreading positivity we will receive positivity 🙂

Fun Riddles!

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The World Is A Masterpiece.

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I can see the entire lake, capturing every essence of its beauty. Camping–its provides one with a sense of solitude; a swift, gentle breeze through your hair, birds chirping in the background, the soft waves of the lake patting the your toes as you sit on a boulder on the shore. It is almost as if you lose all sense of time here; without realizing it, it is getting late. As it sets, the sun casts its light–its goodbye for the day. It’s a beautiful sight. Sitting on that rock watching the lake as the sun slowly begins to sink into the night. Deep reds and oranges cover the sky in a swirl of beauty. The wind has stopped blowing and everything is still. The splashes on your toes begin to settle. Even Time has decided to take a break and let Nature do what she does best. The colors of the sky are richer than before. It reflects its beauty onto the lake, urging you to stay.  You’ve reached the climax of the night: birds are singing, the water is dancing, everything is a masterpiece. A smile settles on your face. The world is a masterpiece.