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Stopping the worry pendulum

During hard times we all shrink or fall back a little… here is some motivation for when you go through such a thing… and remember there is always someone there for you… I am there for you!

Where is my river of life leading to?  It’s not just my river as it has got tributaries in the form of kith and kin.   All the more the fears and anxieties soar up just at the dawn looking at the newspapers.  The screaming headlines in the front pages of our newspapers are enough to put any optimist in to a worry spiral.

The mind oscillates like a pendulum to the worries of the past and anxieties of the future and therefore quite restless in the present moment.  What is the way out to stop this pendulum effect and focus on the job at hand?  Especially when we do not wish to think of something that is unfavourable, the same scene occupies the center stage in our mind.  As we are busy seeing this picture, we are also unconsciously postponing our happiness which is present right at this moment.  Just look at this:

The science of problem says ‘while, problems go backwards we go forward’

Yes, it is so!  Do a timeline check from let’s say 2000 till now.  We can easily track many negative events, – the Y2K, 9/11, the Tsunami, the financial Tsunami of 2008,  26/11 and so on. We have weathered it all and still going on to face the fall out of the Brexit!  The same timeline holds good in our personal lives too where we have won against several odds. Therefore, the science of the problem says ‘we go forward’.

Welcome to the weekstarter that gives us a tip to stop the oscillating ‘worry pendulum.’

Credit: Weekstarter

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Definition: severe, ongoing anxiety that interferes with daily activities



  • persistent worries about small or large concerns that are out of proportion to their actual impact. Most people with generalized anxiety disorder realize that their worries are unrealistic.
  • inability to relax and let go of worries; feeling keyed up and on the edge
  • difficulty concentrating or feeling like your mind “goes blank”
  • worrying about worrying too much
  • indecisiveness, worrying about making the wrong decision
  • physical symptoms: fatigue, irritability, muscle tension/aches, trembling, nervous, insomnia, sweating, nausea, bowel problems, headaches
  • symptoms specific to children and teens:
    • excessive need/desire to fit in
    • perfectionism
    • lack of confidence and constant need for reassurance and approval
    • spending excessive time doing homework



  • Prevalence: very common; more than 3 million cases a year in the United States alone.
  • GAD affects twice as many women as men
  • People are most at risk for GAD between childhood and middle age, and the disorder usually develops gradually


How to feel better:

  • Exercise: Even if you don’t feel like it, try to get yourself moving, whether you’re taking a walk or playing a game of basketball with a friend. Exercise is a potent stress-reliever and can help elevate your mood, helping alleviate your feelings of anxiety.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, and coffee: sedatives like alcohol, nicotine and caffeine can make your anxiety worse.
  • Sleep: Make getting enough sleep a priority – it should be as important, if not more so, that getting good grades or doing other work. Sleep deprivation can lead to a slew of negative consequences, including impaired focus, coordination, and learning; higher blood pressure and risk for heart disease; and greater anxiety and depression. All around, you’re better off going to bed and getting the sleep you need than staying up those extra hours cramming for that chemistry test.
  • Face your worries: This doesn’t mean actually going out and doing whatever is scaring you, but it’s important to sit down with yourself once in a while and productively think about your worries. Go over the list of things that are giving your anxiety and ask yourself if those problems are solvable. If the problem is solvable, start thinking about solutions, and get ready to implement those solutions if necessary. If it’s not, that’s okay too. It’s not possible to be certain about everything that happens in your life, and uncertainty doesn’t mean something bad will happen. Everything will be just fine. 🙂
  • Professional Help: When all else fails, don’t be afraid to seek out professional help. Seeing a psychiatrist isn’t shameful – it’s smart. You’re getting the help you need and deserve, and you’ll feel better soon.


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Confidence Boosters

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5 Daily Confidence Boosters

  1. When you wake up, tell yourself that today is going to be a great day, and believe it.
  2. Hang out with the squad that makes you happy. If you’re not, it’s time for new relationships.
  3. Exercise. This stimulates your body with endorphins and makes you feel good about being healthy.
  4. Pamper yourself. Take some time out to relax, because you deserve it.
  5. SLEEP! Getting your rest gives you a good start to the next day.

Five Tips to Get Stuff Done



  1. Make a list. Write down all the things you have to do, and give them different priorities. If a task is due in a few hours, label it H for high priority. If it is due in a few weeks, L for low priority would be good. Choose what works best for you.
  2. Remove all distractions. Since you’re seeing this post, you probably aren’t removing your distractions haha. Get your phone, time-wasting websites, and other distractions away from you so you can truly focus on the task at hand.
  3. Schedule breaks. Allocate a time to work and time to rest and take a break. These breaks can be short, 5 minute breaks every hour, and a long break after you finish your work, or 10 minute breaks every hour and half, or whatever works best for you.
  4. Get some snacks and lots of water. You will need some goodies to keep you going. Find some nuts or dried fruit, and fill up your water bottle. Drinking water energizes you and keeps you focused to work.
  5. Just do it! You probably have something you need to finish or work on right now. Just like and comment on this post, and go right away to your task. Get that stuff done 🙂


Don’t Give Up

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Don’t give up- the beginning is always the hardest, so let’s keep on going till the very end.

As a child, I had always had a fascination with the piano. I loved watching and hearing people play beautiful songs, their hands moving quickly over the keys. Soon enough, I developed a longing to learn it myself. But when I actually started taking piano lessons, my dreams were broken into pieces. Learning the piano was much harder than I thought it would be. And it didn’t get any better from there- when I took a long break from classes because of personal issues, it took me a while to get used the piano once I restarted my lessons. I had to skip levels to catch up, and I took a new certification test which required hours of practice learning multiple pieces. I started to get tired of the piano, and I didn’t find much joy in playing it anymore. But my friends told me that learning the piano is naturally hard, and it takes a while to get used to it. So I pushed through, and once I finished learning one of my pieces, I felt so happy. It was such a beautiful, romantic song, and I was ecstatic that I could play it whenever I wanted! I started regaining my love for piano, and I still continue lessons to this day. Although it’s hard, the benefits are huge. So if you’re struggling with something in your life as well, don’t give up right away- you never know how things might turn out!

Challenge of the week: Finish Strong



This week, challenge yourself to finish your tasks without giving up. Fight until the end. This may be working on an essay or fighting depression. Don’t give up: this week, or ever.

Mistakes aren’t road blocks

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We are humans, and being humans, we strive to perfect ourselves. However, this is impossible because there is nothing keeping one thing from slipping and another from falling. If we were to be perfect, we would have to be like robots, not letting a single factor fall out of place. Robots are robots, but we are human. If we had the restricted properties of a robot, we might as well call ourselves androids. But we don’t, because we are human. Blessed with humanity, no one can be void of mistakes: an engineer will write the wrong code, a doctor will mess up procedures, a teacher will forget to update their website, and like many others, they will mess up. But instead of forever lying on the ground, they quickly dust themselves off and continue, as I have come to come to understand through my years of growth. Mistakes happen for a reason, and that reason should be to stand up for the next obstacle. If a certain trip-up happens, there is no reason that it won’t happen again, but when you find the problem and face it head – to – head, you own it. And you own it good. Tripping happens to every single person and all we have to do is to not only stand back up, but to continue forward on our paths. We may never achieve perfection, but we will always be closer with every step.

You are never too old…

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The day I remember most vividly is not the day I won a prize, but the day my parents decided to cut dance out of my life. Although I can only recall it through blurry eyes, I remember weeping and screaming, pounding the ground with both fists and shouting words I instantly regretted. I had already dressed in my uniform and had one foot out the door when my mom announced the news. Since that moment, I had been regretting that I couldn’t convince my parents to let me continue. It clouded my vision for my future. Looking back after four years, I feel no regret. Because I had quit dance class, I was able to move up a level in choir and start practice during the time I had dance. Compared to the other girls, I was pretty mediocre at the choreography but when I moved to the new choir class, I suddenly felt so happy and excited to be singing with familiar faces. The teacher even let me sing a solo part for our annual concert. I realized that without quitting dance, I wouldn’t have seen this new branch in my life. A year ago, I set a goal to become a skilled dancer, but now, I can say with pride that I have changed that goal into writing music. Having dreams feels great, it gives you a goal to work for and motivates you to hold your head high. Dreams like that are as fleeting as the dreams you have at night. Something happens and you suddenly change your dream into something else. Even if you have invested a lot of time into one subject, the moment you feel like it isn’t right should be the moment you open up to see what your heart tells you to go for. Even if it is something you might not have confidence in, go for it. You have the passion so you will have the will to follow through. Live your dreams!

Worrying Wastes Time: Don’t Worry!

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Don’t worry. There may be times of stress and tension, but everything will eventually pass. Let things go by the flow and be happy 🙂

When you worry, you only waste your time, getting yourself caught up in your detrimental thoughts. Stay positive. Be free.

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If Something is Wrong, Tell Someone


If something is wrong, tell someone. Your friends and family are here for you.

You are so incredibly loved. You should never feel alone. Don’t keep everything in. Speak up!