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Lately, I’ve been feeling as if I’m not doing anything important, and it’s caused me to feel really down. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I realized that it wasn’t that I wasn’t doing anything, but that I wasn’t putting any effort into it. I do all of my work for school and SAT prep, but it feels like I’m not really doing a lot and putting my entire mind into it. For a while, I’ve just been half-assing everything, and it’s made my life seem unextraordinary. Before, I used to try my hardest with everything, and it made me feel really good about myself, and as if everything that I did was important. But now, I feel like I’m not taking much seriously, and my life seems bland, everything just passing me by and not even causing me to react in any way. It’s because I’m not trying my best all the time that I’m feeling like this, which makes me want to tell everyone to try their best so they don’t feel this way. Me not trying hard makes me feel worthless because nothing that I do seems to have value because I didn’t work hard, and I don’t want you to feel this way because you are worth so much. You have so much potential in you and if you try hard, you can unlock all of your hidden potentials. Think of it as a goal for me and you to try our hardest, even if it’s not much, because once you try, it can be so satisfying.


Mistakes aren’t road blocks

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We are humans, and being humans, we strive to perfect ourselves. However, this is impossible because there is nothing keeping one thing from slipping and another from falling. If we were to be perfect, we would have to be like robots, not letting a single factor fall out of place. Robots are robots, but we are human. If we had the restricted properties of a robot, we might as well call ourselves androids. But we don’t, because we are human. Blessed with humanity, no one can be void of mistakes: an engineer will write the wrong code, a doctor will mess up procedures, a teacher will forget to update their website, and like many others, they will mess up. But instead of forever lying on the ground, they quickly dust themselves off and continue, as I have come to come to understand through my years of growth. Mistakes happen for a reason, and that reason should be to stand up for the next obstacle. If a certain trip-up happens, there is no reason that it won’t happen again, but when you find the problem and face it head – to – head, you own it. And you own it good. Tripping happens to every single person and all we have to do is to not only stand back up, but to continue forward on our paths. We may never achieve perfection, but we will always be closer with every step.