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5 Tips on Speaking to People

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  1. Stand up straight and tall with your chin parallel to the floor. 
    1. As stated earlier this month, posture can really help boost your confidence
  1. Speak with an even, moderately paced tone
    1. Don’t speak too quickly or too slowly, because it can confuse the people you’re talking to. Also keep your tone of voice natural; speak with a normal speaking voice
  2. Keep a calm expression
    1. Speaking to a lot of people can be very hard, but being calm (or at least looking calm) can gain you a lot of respect from those you’re talking to.
  3. Don’t act in a different way
    1. A lot of people become extremely nervous when having to talk to a lot of people, and they act differently, which can make them come off as strange. Just act as you normally would.
  4. Remember that even if you mess up while speaking, mistakes are okay.
    1. People are forgiving, so if you mess up slightly, they won’t be upset. They will give you a second chance, so please give yourself chances too!

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If Something is Wrong, Tell Someone


If something is wrong, tell someone. Your friends and family are here for you.

You are so incredibly loved. You should never feel alone. Don’t keep everything in. Speak up!