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Make Others Happy by Smiling



Nothing is more fulfilling than making others happy. So, smile as much as you can.

This phrase is basically a no-brainer. However, many people usually forget the effect that they can have on others. Just like how others smile if you smile, they also frown if you frown. If you’re feeling crappy, others around you will start feeling crappy as well.

I have a friend who is always so happy and upbeat, that whenever I hang out with her I find myself feeling great as well, even though I was feeling bad just a second ago. But since I’m her close friend, I know that sometimes she does feel sad or uneasy inside. We’re all humans- it’s impossible for anyone to be so happy all the time. But I love that she tries to be happy no matter what her situation so as not to affect others. This is something that doesn’t come so easily to everyone, including me, but we can still make an effort to smile more every day. So even if you’re having a bad day, or something unfortunate occurred to you earlier on, try to smile. Because the worst thing that can happen is that you make others feel bad as well, and it’s not the best idea to make others come down with you. And if you smile, you’ll naturally find yourself feeling better as well! Trust me. Seriously.

Smile… :)

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For some reason, I’ve always liked smiling. My elementary school yearbooks all have short notes from my teachers, telling me to “keep smiling” and how they “love my smile.” To be honest, my smiles honestly weren’t very great, seeing as I had very crooked teeth as a child and always smiled a little lopsidedly with my mouth closed. But my teachers loved the smile. As I grew older, I started smiling less and less because there seemed like no reason to smile. My parents were even, at one point, urging me to smile and remove my constant blank frown. Life was no ball of joy anymore, with all the loss, rejection, and hurt that I went threw. However, occasionally, when having a good day, I smile brightly— and I can feel the joy bursting out. It’s wonderful how a physical motion changes how I feel. Sometimes I make awkward eye contact with people as I smile, and surprisingly, they smile back. It’s the weirdest thing. And when I see other people smile, it makes me want to smile too. Smiles are so magical, changing how I feel and how others feel as well. Can you even imagine the joy we can create when we all smile together? Take a step today and smile. Smile when you’re walking to school, talking to friends, writing an essay, playing soccer, or doing absolutely anything! See how you spread the joy. The feeling when someone smiles back at you is irreplaceable. SMILE LOVE.