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Work hard to get a good result :)



One of my favorite kpop idols of all time said this quote. And as an accomplished singer and dancer, he definitely has the right to say it. It’s widely known throughout the kpop industry, and to all the fans of kpop, that the path to becoming a singer in the industry isn’t an easy one. However, J-hope’s love and passion for dancing made him resolute and determined to succeed in what he had always dreamed of doing. When listening to him talk about the hardships he went through and how much he misses his parents now that he’s away from them, I feel so sad yet proud. He always mentions how much he loves his fans and that he couldn’t be happier doing what he is doing, and that makes me happy to be his avid fan. I look up to him, and hope that I also have the courage to follow my passions and dreams. I feel proud of how far J-hope has come, and he is just one of many people who work endlessly every single day to achieve good results. So I encourage all of you to not lose hope, and continue following your passions just like J-Hope did. You’ll be surprised how far just a little hope can take you 🙂