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Happy New Year!

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It takes effort to bring about change At the beginning of every year, people always say, “New year, new me,” or “this new year brings about a clean slate,” but in reality, nothing changes. You are still the you that you were in the past, because the coming of a new year cannot erase the past. I always tell myself, “I’ll work harder this year” or “I can handle more and do more this year” or “maybe I can hang out with my friends more and not be as much of an empty sac of loneliness,” but nothing changes, and I find that I’m still the same person that I was the year before. Today, on the first day of 2016, I want to tell you that even though it’s become natural to make New Year’s resolutions and break them not long after making them, you cannot change your life and do something different unless you make an effort to do so and stick to your resolutions. Year after year, I rang in the new year, thinking “this year will be different. This year things will change,” and things never changed because I didn’t do anything about it. A New Year’s resolution is not a wish granted by a genie; it will not come into fruition unless you do something to make it. As I’m saying this, I also want you to know that even the smallest steps can lead you to your goal. As long as you try to make things different this year, things will change. The takeaway message that I want you to hear on the first day of this new year is that if you want to change something about your life, you need to try to make it change.


Happy New Year! Hope you all have a wonderful, fantasic and prosperous year ahead!! Stay Happy! ~Silver Lining