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Too often, we feel that we can only relax when we have time. When there’s a billion tasks on our to-do list, we think that we can’t stop or take a break. However, as Sydney J. Harris states, “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” When you’re stressing out and your schedule is maxed out, remember to take a break.


Do something you enjoy and take it easy. Take a walk outside, watch some television, eat some cake, take a nap, play your favorite song, or dance. Without breaks, you can easily get stressed out and that’s never good.


When I have 3 hours to do 6 hours worth of work, I get really stressed out. I start feeling overwhelmed and I hate not being in control. I feel the need to squeeze the life out of my stress ball and type out gibberish in some soon-to-be-deleted documents. I’m sure many people have felt stressed like this before.

Instead of quickly running back into my pile of essays and tasks, I should take a quick breather. The break I spend eating some food, taking a walk outside, or listening to music will recharge me and help me function normally again. If I just keep trying to work, I would only stress myself out more and end up in a bad state. Breaks are needed!

Casual Relaxation

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Eyes open. Body rested. I rub my eyes to see my bedroom in broad daylight, bright golden rays that I seemed to be seeing for the first time. It is 9:30 AM instead of my usual 6:30 AM call time that I had become accustomed to during the school year. It is the first day of summer vacation, and reliving past summers wasted doing nothing, I am absolutely determined to make everyday worth remembering.


Off the bat, I call my friends Naomi and Sally.

“GUYS!” I scream into the phone. “Are you free today? We have to do something absolutely amazing! Maybe we can drive up to San Francisco and walk around the entire city. We can go south to spend a day at the beach. Or maybe we can even book a reservation to go skydiving somewhere…”


The other two ends of the phone are static.


Naomi lets out a soft sigh.

“Girl, I was just planning on binge-watching the rest of this show.”


I hear a quiet grunt from Sally’s end. Of course Sally is probably still half asleep.

“Yeah…ugh, I’m sorry,” Sally mumbles. “I wanted to really just relax today. No elaborate plans, no money spent. Just a nice day to do nothing.”


I gasp in disbelief. But it makes sense. We just spent the past seven months studying, scheduling plans, and running from place to place. I nodded with an understanding sigh and resorted to spend the day by taking my dog to the park and drinking a cup of Jamba Juice.


Although I did not get to hang out with my friends the way that I imagined, I realized something. In some ways, summer is the best time for you to discover yourself and celebrate your achievements from the past year. Forget elaborate plans and lavish vacations! All I really need is some casual relaxation.

Challenge Recap



As our health month comes to an end, I want you to look back at all you’ve done. This week, have you been able to relax more? Are there any tips you have that helped you calm your mind? Please comment down below and share your thoughts or your experiences, we’d love to hear them 🙂

Relax, Don’t Worry

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Relax, Don’t Worry


Let every moment be

what it’s going to be.

What’s meant to be

will come your way.

What’s not will fall away.


– Mandy Hale

Tips on “how to relax”

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  1. Go outside!! It’s not good for your mind or your body to stay pent up inside all day. Go outside and get some fresh air, and just feel the stress blowing away!!
  2. Listen to your favorite music. Whether it be classical, rock, pop, or country, listening to your favorite genre or your favorite artist will be sure to bring up your mood and help you forget the stress in your life.
  3. Do some Yoga. Even if you have no idea how to do yoga, no biggie. Search up some moves online and try it out, because it helps to calm the mind and the body in times of extreme stress and tension. Or if you’re not into yoga, at least exercise 🙂 It’ll make you feel much better and happier!

Challenge: Take a little break, go outside, relax!!!



Take a little break, go outside, relax!!! You deserve it 🙂

Every day this week, or as you see this, take a break! Do things you enjoy and step outside and experience nature. 🙂

Challenge: Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.



Challenge: Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.  

Taking time to rest has its benefits. Not only does it improve your mood by making you more energetic, it helps you do better in school and sports.  🙂 Head to bed!