Silver Lining

A loving community finding the silver lining.

Only hard work can lead to success



Only hard work can lead to success.

It’s not easy to eat healthy if you’re not too used to it. Everywhere around you, you’ll see unhealthy food that will tempt you, whether in real life or on TV. Seeing others eating unhealthily will make you want to eat that way as well. Everything is a temptation, and it’s so easy to just satisfy your desire, and so difficult to stay away from the food and to stick to healthy food. But if you don’t do this, you won’t reach your goal to become healthier. Granted, the occasional junk food item to reward yourself is acceptable (don’t torture yourself!), but if you give yourself too many rewards, you won’t see any results. Work hard, no matter how hard it is to stay away from unhealthy food, and the reward you get will taste better than any unhealthy food!

Turn the Light on In order to Find Happiness



“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Possibly my most favorite quote was said by Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter franchise. Happiness is not always something that comes to us; sometimes, we have to go looking for it. But that’s why we have hope. Hope gives us the motivation to find happiness. In some ways, hope is our happiness. It is something that we hold on to, but is easy to slip out of our hands.

For me, after a particularly gloomy day, I feel too upset to even bother with anything. On those days, I have to look for happiness, usually by doing something I love. My passions and hobbies are my light. They are what get me out of my rut of depression. I’ll admit, it is hard to do the things you love when you don’t have the motivation to do so, but life can be hard. And that’s why we have hope. In those times where you cannot find hope, or light, in the darkness, people who care about you will be hopeful for you. Throughout life, we are forced to face dark days quite often–more than we want. That may not be our choice, but we do have a choice in how we can find the light.   

Rejoice in what you’re going through



No pain no gain, right? Although it might seem like a grim way to go about life, it’s undeniably true. There are many who will give up everything for something and suffer unimaginable set-backs but in the end, they achieve their dreams and are happy. To them, however, it isn’t the end product that they remember the most, but the process of getting there. I have seen this with my own eyes. As a child, I remember listening to piano songs performed perfectly by professional pianists (alliteration not intended) and wishing I could play like them. My first piano lesson consisted of me getting to know the piano teacher and playing my first note on the piano. Although practicing was annoying, all I could think about was learning to play famous songs. It was the anticipation and the excitement that kept me going for 11 years. I learned Fur Elise, the Nocturne, and many more. Every week, I would practice and practice to a point where my hands would start shaking but I loved every moment of it, because with every minute of playing, I would get closer to playing more difficult songs. Now, I’m really happy to say that I have played the songs I wanted to but most importantly, I have learned frustration and experienced the patience and dedication that comes out of it. It is hard to suffer and it might seem dark now, but once it is over, the air you breathe in will be the same but it will be coming out of a stronger person. Stay strong!