Silver Lining

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Rejoice in what you’re going through



No pain no gain, right? Although it might seem like a grim way to go about life, it’s undeniably true. There are many who will give up everything for something and suffer unimaginable set-backs but in the end, they achieve their dreams and are happy. To them, however, it isn’t the end product that they remember the most, but the process of getting there. I have seen this with my own eyes. As a child, I remember listening to piano songs performed perfectly by professional pianists (alliteration not intended) and wishing I could play like them. My first piano lesson consisted of me getting to know the piano teacher and playing my first note on the piano. Although practicing was annoying, all I could think about was learning to play famous songs. It was the anticipation and the excitement that kept me going for 11 years. I learned Fur Elise, the Nocturne, and many more. Every week, I would practice and practice to a point where my hands would start shaking but I loved every moment of it, because with every minute of playing, I would get closer to playing more difficult songs. Now, I’m really happy to say that I have played the songs I wanted to but most importantly, I have learned frustration and experienced the patience and dedication that comes out of it. It is hard to suffer and it might seem dark now, but once it is over, the air you breathe in will be the same but it will be coming out of a stronger person. Stay strong!