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Carbon Copy

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Walking my dog through the neighborhood, every day blends together as if each day is an exact same carbon copy. It’s bland and unoriginal, but it’s the closest I feel to safety. I know exactly which route I will walk, I know exactly when the sun will set, and I know exactly which neighbors I can avoid if my dog decides to lose her mind and disobey.


One day, as I’m walking through my neighborhood, my dog slips off of her collar! It’s a whirlwind trying to find her, as I run up and down the rows of houses. I’m looking through bushes, ravaging through leaf piles, and confronting confused neighbors about my lost dog.
At last, I found my dog safe and sound eating some sausage by a dumpster. Although my routine was more wild than usual today, I realized that it made my day more spontaneous and exciting. The strive for constant perfection that I always had went out the window, and I realized that learning and growing requires trying new things and making mistakes. 

If We Learn…

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Happy Friday, hope you’re all having a great day! Here’s a poem regarding mistakes.

If We Learn

If we learn from our mistakes,

then not making them

is the worst mistake

If we learn from our mistakes,

why do I try so hard not to

falling down is okay

If we learn from our mistakes,

shall I let myself off the hook

for all the past

If we learn from our mistakes,

have all my failures

simply been my teachers

If we learn from our mistakes,

I guess I’m not

the failure I thought I was