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Cherish What You Have

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12366843_1643698415888900_1290741083_nYou can’t bring back what you’ve lost. Instead, think about what you still have.

I think this saying has a lot of meaning in many different ways, but I want all people going through a hard time due to some issue. We’ve all lost something or someone; whether it’s the chance to do well on a final or a friend, it’s happened to everybody. I’ve seen many people become incredibly stressed because they’ve lost something and can’t deal with it. In fact, just yesterday, a friend of mine was freaking out because she missed an opportunity to get extra credit and raise her grade, so she’d have more leeway for her final. It was hard to see because she was so stressed, and she’s that way almost all of the time. What she didn’t understand is that yes, she did miss that chance, but it’s not the end of the world. If she works hard, she can still do well on the final and in the class. I want her and all of you reading this to remember that even if you didn’t do well this semester, you can’t redo it. But you’ve worked so hard for all this time. You still have the final to make up for this semester. And even if you don’t do well, you’ve worked hard and you’ve tried your hardest, and that is something to be proud of. That’s something my dad always tells me: even if the results aren’t what you expected, you worked hard and there’s always next time. There will always be a second chance, and you are human. You are not expected to be perfect.

Also, for people struggling with loss of a friend or a family member, remember that you are not alone and it is okay to go to others for comfort. It’s hard to cope with a loss so permanent, so please do not try to just feel better. Other people are there for you and are worried about your well-being. They want you to be happy, so please remember that others do care about you and are still there to support you. Even if you lose someone, you will always have others there for you, and you are not alone.

No matter what, you are not alone.