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The White Rose

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In a garden filled with bushes, out from between a load of grass and weeds, there appeared, as if from nowhere, a white rose. It was as white as driven snow, its petals looked like velvet, and the morning dew shone from its leaves like resplendent crystals. The flower couldn’t see herself,so she had no idea how pretty she was. And so it was that she spent the few days of her life, until wilting set on, without knowing that all around her were amazed by her and her perfection: her perfume, the softness of her petals, her elegance. She didn’t realise that everyone who saw her spoke well of her. The weeds that surrounded her were fascinated by her beauty, and lived in a state of enchantment at her aroma and appearance.

One hot, sunny day, a girl was strolling through the garden, thinking about how many lovely things Mother Nature has given us, when she suddenly saw a white rose in a forgotten part of the garden. The rose was beginning to fade and wilt.

-“It’s days since it rained,”

she thought,

-“if the rose stays here till tomorrow it’ll be totally withered. I’ll take it home and put it in the lovely vase I got as a present.”

And so she did. With all her love she put the wilting white rose in water, inside a lovely colourful glass vase, and placed it by the window.

-“I’ll put it here,”

she thought,

-“so the flower can get some sun.”

What the young girl didn’t realise was that the reflection from the window meant that, for the first time, the rose got to see herself and what she looked like.

-“Is that me?”

thought the rose. Little by little her drooping leaves began to rise, once again stretching up towards the sun, and, gradually, the rose recovered her former appearance. When she was totally back to her best she looked at her reflection and saw that she was indeed a beautiful flower. She thought

-“Wow! Till now I hadn’t realised who I was, how could I have been so blind?”

The rose came to realise she had spent her days without appreciating her beauty, unable to see herself, unable to know who she really was.

If you really want to know who you are, forget everything that’s around you, and just look into your heart.




The real meaning of happiness :)

Happiness in my opinion is kind of complicated since our emotions sometimes get confused between fame, money and stuff with actual happiness.

Often times we think having a big house or the best car will make us happy. In the contrary, the opposite is may be true. Happiness is doing what you love everyday, being with the people you love and helping others. Yes, everyone has different things/people they find happiness in but just remember:

You don’t have to be rich to be happy, you just have to be you to be happy. 

Don’t do things since other’s are doing it. Do it because you WANT to. Sometimes, to be honest, I forget what I actually like.

You just have to think about what makes you happy. Not just to show off, but really happy, something that will make you happy when nobody is watching as well. I am going to be honest, I sometimes do things to show off and show others that I have something. But in reality that type of “happiness” just latest a few moments. What happens after? that thing probably just winds up in some corner in my house.

Things/people that give you give true happiness are the ones that stay with you… things/people that matter to YOU… not to others… YOU!

Here is an small article with two videos in which Cameron Diaz talks about happiness:

Cameron Diaz Beautifully Sums Up The Real Meaning Of Happiness

What I’ve Become

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When I hold my jar of dreams

In my hands, my palms sweaty.

The dancing lights swallow the night,

As a mirror flies my kite,

The gentle waves change roaring tides

and shaking trees leave me to hide;

A swan slows down to calm the pulse

The crow escaped, feeling repulsed.

A ripple wakens me from sleep

Not holding back, I take a leap.

The sun is up, the time has come,

To show the world

Don’t Give Up

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Don’t give up- the beginning is always the hardest, so let’s keep on going till the very end.

As a child, I had always had a fascination with the piano. I loved watching and hearing people play beautiful songs, their hands moving quickly over the keys. Soon enough, I developed a longing to learn it myself. But when I actually started taking piano lessons, my dreams were broken into pieces. Learning the piano was much harder than I thought it would be. And it didn’t get any better from there- when I took a long break from classes because of personal issues, it took me a while to get used the piano once I restarted my lessons. I had to skip levels to catch up, and I took a new certification test which required hours of practice learning multiple pieces. I started to get tired of the piano, and I didn’t find much joy in playing it anymore. But my friends told me that learning the piano is naturally hard, and it takes a while to get used to it. So I pushed through, and once I finished learning one of my pieces, I felt so happy. It was such a beautiful, romantic song, and I was ecstatic that I could play it whenever I wanted! I started regaining my love for piano, and I still continue lessons to this day. Although it’s hard, the benefits are huge. So if you’re struggling with something in your life as well, don’t give up right away- you never know how things might turn out!

If You Try to be Like Others

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I’m always trying to fit in. I want to look, talk, and walk like everyone else. When I go to events and parties, I observe what other people are doing first, and follow them. Even when I go to my friends’ houses, I feel the need to follow them in what they are doing. If my friend uses a napkin to clean her plate, I’ll do the same. If my friend’s mom asks me how my day has been and my friend responds to the question simply, I’ll respond simply as well. I never let myself be myself. Instead of doing things the way I want them to, I choose to do them the way others do. New people I meet at events don’t know who I really am because I try so hard to be like them. But really, I’m awesome. You are awesome. Everyone is awesome in their own way, and we’re all different too. Why try to be like someone else when you are so awesome? We all look, talk, and walk differently because we were made that way. So let’s not try to fight our own nature and make ourselves feel horrible. You are awesome. Be yourself.

Do What You Love

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It’s around that time of year when seniors are frantically finishing up college apps, finalizing their essays or adding that ‘magical’ last-minute touch to their resumes. This, along with the SATs and ACTs just around the corner, made me really start to think about what I would do with my life after high school. And it’s not just me– many of my junior friends are struggling to decide what they want to pursue once they leave high school and go to college. Here in the Silicon Valley, there are a lot of parents who pressure their kids to go above and beyond in their academics, and often times there is so much pressure to pursue a “respectful”, or in other words “well-paying”, job or career. This may be attributed to the so-called “asian mindset”, which is definitely a real thing. However, pressure from our parents to become either “a doctor, lawyer, or engineer” is not always the wishes of the student themselves. I’ve heard many stories of people getting a job that their parents forced on them just to be unhappy later on, and no one wants to live their lives not enjoying what they do for a living. I know a youtuber who struck out on her own after realizing that accounting, what her parents had wished for her, was not working out at all. She decided to quit her job, started posting videos on youtube, and now she is a full-time youtuber and happier than ever. I’m not saying you have to become a youtuber to become successful, or that becoming a doctor/lawyer/engineer is a bad thing- my point is that you should do what you LOVE, don’t do something because other people forced it on you. If you have a passion for music, have crazy-good acting skills, or are a talented writer, then PURSUE those passions. If people try to tell you otherwise, just ignore them and show them that you really ARE talented and can become successful on your own standards, NOT theirs.  If you, just like me or many other students, find your parents have conflicting thoughts about your life or career, talk it out with them. Participate in talent shows, enter contests, do whatever you can to prove your abilities to them. Act responsible and be smart in your decisions so your parents trust your choices and your abilities. If all else fails, just remember- if you love it, then do it, because you deserve a happy, joyful and fulfilling life just as much as everyone else. You do you.