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How to Stick to a Diet



How to stick to a diet


  • Make a realistic plan you can stick to. Don’t take too many breaks from your diet, but don’t completely deprive yourself of the food that you love, even if it’s unhealthy. You know yourself.
  • Reward yourself every so often. Like I mentioned in the previous one, you should still eat what you love every so often, because it’s important to live freely in your life. Make sure you don’t give yourself too many rewards!
  • Get rid of unhealthy food. It’ll only tempt you to eat it. You can definitely buy yourself something unhealthy as an occasional reward though!
  • Don’t skip meals. If you’re on a diet to lose weight or fat or for any reason, don’t skip meals. You will only feel tired and hungry, and it’ll make you lose motivation. Eat good, healthy meals that keep you from snacking.
  • Stay strong. Dieting isn’t easy. It can be really difficult to keep yourself from eating snacks or eating unhealthy food. But to stay motivated, you have to keep reminding yourself why you’re dieting. Remember that goal, and don’t punish yourself when you diet. The best diet is maintaining a diet.



Challenge: Eat and Drink Healthy

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Challenge: Eat and drink healthily this week. Make 5 healthy changes to your diet this week! This may be drinking more water, eating only one bag of junk food, snacking on nuts instead of chocolate, and such 🙂 Have fun and enjoy yourself! Feel the health difference, as you begin to be more energized and less lethargic.

Save your story and leave a comment below on the challenge recap post on Saturday on how the challenge went!





Knees up, shoulders down

Streams of salt-drops line your crown

Head up, body low

Eyes to see where legs should go

Breath hot, fog is cold

Tired sneakers keep their hold

Bright smile, stronger heart

Only you can go this far

Enjoy the Glow of Good Health

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To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

I remember back in elementary school when I was physically and emotionally weak. On top of catching colds every other week, I was often called out for being the “sick butterfly” and was pushed away due to my sickness by my close friends. Because I was always tired and slow, my parents didn’t push me to exercise. To them, going to school everyday was already a big accomplishment. Starting from second grade, my mom’s friend introduced her to this basketball opportunity. The school that I had been going to needed players for their team and my mom happened to hear about. Although they were very skeptical about it, they eventually agreed to let me join. From then on, I went to practices three days per week.

The change was gradual but I found myself becoming more and more healthy. My appetite was getting better, my skin tone was warmer, and I felt happier. The short practices helped my body get stronger and it helped me get stronger too. At school, I was able to talk more with my good friends because I wasn’t sick that much anymore and I knew that it was the exercise that had helped me.

Something as small as running on the streets for 10 minutes everyday at dawn or dusk can really make a difference. It’s small but after you do it for a while, you look back at the path you have taken and you can see the changes. Think about it. Not everyone is out exercising like you. You have the determination to push yourself to do something very tiring when you are already exhausted. You are strong enough to push yourself to do something extra that no one asked you to do. The sweat and tears I put into basketball changed my body and changed me for the better. Give it a try. Strength your body so you can go out there and do the things you dream about. Run to the future!

Some Friendships Don’t Last Forever



I’ve recently been through a lot of friend drama, and it’s making me too worried. Especially since it’s finals week; that just adds on stress that my mind can’t handle. Through the turmoil of the past couple weeks, I’ve lost a friendship which I thought I would last forever. I guess the other person didn’t just reciprocate my feelings. However, I did see the signs along the way – there were times I could tell she disliked me or disagreed with my opinions. It was a strained relationship, but the string has finally been broken. And although I feel some sadness and sorrow to know that I lost a friend, I feel like I’m finally free. Now that our relationship is over, I’ve noticed just how much of a burden it was to keep pulling through and convincing myself that she was truly a good friend. It was just an extra weight that was pulling me down, and now that it’s gone I feel so much better. Our friendship was something that just put more stress on both of us, and it was time to let go. Sometimes, it’s for the best interest of both people to end a friendship that wasn’t even beneficial in the first place. Let go of the unhealthy relationships in your life, and you’ll find yourself feeling much better afterwards.