Silver Lining

A loving community finding the silver lining.

Show life who’s boss ;)



I’ve been through so many problems in my life, as I’m sure many others have. I’ve suffered through some major depression, anxiety, self-acceptance issues, school stress and friend problems. Overall, life just hasn’t been that great for me in the past few years. However, each day I try to change that. Ever since I started recovering from depression, I told myself that I wouldn’t let it bring me down any more. If my parents or relatives had certain thoughts about my grades or my educational career, I wouldn’t let them make me feel bad. If I was having anxiety or social issues, I would tell myself that I shouldn’t care what others think about me. I would do things my way, and try to feel happy even in the saddest of moments, so it truly shows in the output.  What truly matters is your effort to change your lifestyle, whether it’s personal problems, something negative you want to change about yourself, or social/educational issues. If you put in the effort to live happier and work harder towards a better future, then you can give life a good kick in the butt. Show that you have the power to change your life for the better, and I know you’ll truly be able to make a difference. Be CONFIDENT.