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Happiness :)

Many people say that if you do what you want in life you will be happy. I truly believe that is true but apparently there was a study done which shows that happiness is a practice. You have to learn to be happy… Which is quite weird. But if you think about it… you are only happy while doing what you want because you are enjoying it… you have learned how to be happy doing it! Here is the article that talks about this very interesting view of Happiness 🙂

A Better Kind of Happiness By Will Storr

This is amazing “because it makes finding happiness a real possibility” 🙂

Hope you like it!

Believe in the Happy Ending :)



I know a lot of people, including myself, who’ve felt like giving up because they believed that no matter how hard they tried, they won’t end up happy. I think that it’s really easy to feel like this because there are so many uncertainties in the world, that you can never be sure that you will be happy. Life is cruel; it loves to make you miserable. But you can’t let it make you, or others, miserable. Not too long ago, I felt that my life was starting to come apart, and I nearly lost a lot of good friends. I almost didn’t even want to do anything, but one friend, even though she wasn’t with me physically, encouraged me to keep going and to try to make things right again. She told me that things would become better soon if I tried hard enough, and she showed me a lot of things to help me feel better. With a friend like her, I thought, hey, what’s the worst that can happen? I still have someone amazing like her. So I tried my hardest to make things right again, and now I’m back on track, and I’m closer than ever with the friends I almost lost. I was really lucky to have a friend to give me hope when I was losing a lot of it. It’s so important to give others hope because you don’t know how much they might need it for them to believe that they can be happy again.

Tips to make your day just a bit brighter :)

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Tips to make your day just a bit brighter.

  1. When you are working in your room, open the door and the window. Keep the air ventilated and your mood will feel as fresh as the air.
  2. Post your favorite quotes or pictures somewhere near you, like on your table or the wall in front of you. If you ever feel heavy with the work, take a break and look at them.
  3. During breaks, instead of reaching for that cookie, maybe try yogurt, or fruit. Something healthy helps your brain work its wonders.

There is a lot to help you when you might feel like life is a bit dim, don’t lost hope! There is always something that can be done. 🙂

What I’ve Become

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When I hold my jar of dreams

In my hands, my palms sweaty.

The dancing lights swallow the night,

As a mirror flies my kite,

The gentle waves change roaring tides

and shaking trees leave me to hide;

A swan slows down to calm the pulse

The crow escaped, feeling repulsed.

A ripple wakens me from sleep

Not holding back, I take a leap.

The sun is up, the time has come,

To show the world

Show life who’s boss ;)



I’ve been through so many problems in my life, as I’m sure many others have. I’ve suffered through some major depression, anxiety, self-acceptance issues, school stress and friend problems. Overall, life just hasn’t been that great for me in the past few years. However, each day I try to change that. Ever since I started recovering from depression, I told myself that I wouldn’t let it bring me down any more. If my parents or relatives had certain thoughts about my grades or my educational career, I wouldn’t let them make me feel bad. If I was having anxiety or social issues, I would tell myself that I shouldn’t care what others think about me. I would do things my way, and try to feel happy even in the saddest of moments, so it truly shows in the output.  What truly matters is your effort to change your lifestyle, whether it’s personal problems, something negative you want to change about yourself, or social/educational issues. If you put in the effort to live happier and work harder towards a better future, then you can give life a good kick in the butt. Show that you have the power to change your life for the better, and I know you’ll truly be able to make a difference. Be CONFIDENT.

Worrying Wastes Time: Don’t Worry!

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Don’t worry. There may be times of stress and tension, but everything will eventually pass. Let things go by the flow and be happy 🙂

When you worry, you only waste your time, getting yourself caught up in your detrimental thoughts. Stay positive. Be free.

Do What You Love

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It’s around that time of year when seniors are frantically finishing up college apps, finalizing their essays or adding that ‘magical’ last-minute touch to their resumes. This, along with the SATs and ACTs just around the corner, made me really start to think about what I would do with my life after high school. And it’s not just me– many of my junior friends are struggling to decide what they want to pursue once they leave high school and go to college. Here in the Silicon Valley, there are a lot of parents who pressure their kids to go above and beyond in their academics, and often times there is so much pressure to pursue a “respectful”, or in other words “well-paying”, job or career. This may be attributed to the so-called “asian mindset”, which is definitely a real thing. However, pressure from our parents to become either “a doctor, lawyer, or engineer” is not always the wishes of the student themselves. I’ve heard many stories of people getting a job that their parents forced on them just to be unhappy later on, and no one wants to live their lives not enjoying what they do for a living. I know a youtuber who struck out on her own after realizing that accounting, what her parents had wished for her, was not working out at all. She decided to quit her job, started posting videos on youtube, and now she is a full-time youtuber and happier than ever. I’m not saying you have to become a youtuber to become successful, or that becoming a doctor/lawyer/engineer is a bad thing- my point is that you should do what you LOVE, don’t do something because other people forced it on you. If you have a passion for music, have crazy-good acting skills, or are a talented writer, then PURSUE those passions. If people try to tell you otherwise, just ignore them and show them that you really ARE talented and can become successful on your own standards, NOT theirs.  If you, just like me or many other students, find your parents have conflicting thoughts about your life or career, talk it out with them. Participate in talent shows, enter contests, do whatever you can to prove your abilities to them. Act responsible and be smart in your decisions so your parents trust your choices and your abilities. If all else fails, just remember- if you love it, then do it, because you deserve a happy, joyful and fulfilling life just as much as everyone else. You do you.