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Don’t Stay With Someone Who Hurts You

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I once had a friend who bailed out a lot when we made plans to hang out or do something together. She rarely followed through with any of the plans that we made together, but she was a good friend, so I could never be mad at her for not keeping her promise to come. I couldn’t be mad, but it still hurt. Everytime she gave me another reason that she couldn’t go shopping with me and other friends or couldn’t come over to watch Netflix and eat food, it hurt. It made me wonder if it was me who was doing something wrong by making the plans in the first place. I started feeling guilty because I thought it was something that I had done. I soon realized that I should just forget about it and find someone else to make plans with. The new friend came to almost all of the hangouts we planned, and I realized that it wasn’t my fault. My old friend and I stopped hanging out, and I felt much better afterwards. Now, I’m sad to have lost that friend and the memories that we shared, but I am glad to finally not feel like I am doing something wrong.