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Depression: Dysthymia

Definition: A mood disorder consisting of the same cognitive and physical symptoms of depression, symptoms that are less severe but last longer. Also known as chronic depression.


Symptoms: Since Dysthymia is a mild but chronic form of clinical depression, the symptoms are similar and somewhat less severe, as listed below.

  • Loss of interest in daily activities and things you once enjoyed
  • Lack of energy
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and emptiness
  • Difficulty sleeping or altered appetite



  • 67.5% of Americans with dysthymia are receiving treatment
  • 1.5% of adults are affected by dysthymia
  • 11.2% of 13-18 year olds are affected by dysthymia


How to Feel Better:

  • Getting an effective treatment: by psychotherapy (talk therapy) or antidepressants
  • Ask doctor about healthy lifestyle habits
    • Balanced diet
    • Getting regular exercise
    • Avoiding alcohol and smoking
    • Being close with family and friends for strong social support