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Diet for yourself, not for others



My mother always tells me that it’s important to eat well and exercise in order to look good, and to keep looking good. But if that’s all I think of when I’m aiming to diet, I can never get too far in my diet. This is because looks aren’t that important to me, and I’m not really trying to impress anyone. After all, why should I? Most of the people I know don’t care whether I’m slim or not, and if they do, why does their opinion matter? I started thinking more about the health benefits. I want to live healthily and for a long time so that I can be happy, but I don’t care what people think about my body, and I shouldn’t.

I just focus on being healthy, which helps me diet because I’m not doing it to impress others, but because I want to live healthily and happily. You shouldn’t care either. If others care about what you look like, why does their opinion matter to you? You should do what makes you happy, not others. Diet for your health, not to look good in front of others, because you already look great!