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Challenge: Treat your friend to something this week

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Challenge: Treat your friend to something this week. Show them how much their friendship means to you 🙂


Challenge: Take a little break, go outside, relax!!!



Take a little break, go outside, relax!!! You deserve it 🙂

Every day this week, or as you see this, take a break! Do things you enjoy and step outside and experience nature. 🙂

Challenge Recap



Challenge Recap: Good job this week! Were you able to maintain a healthy schedule in order to get an appropriate amount of sleep? Did you feel a difference the next morning and for the rest of the day?

Challenge Recap

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What changes did you make to your diet this week?

Did you cut down on junk food, make a plan to drink more water, or something else? Leave a reply in the comments!

Only hard work can lead to success



Only hard work can lead to success.

It’s not easy to eat healthy if you’re not too used to it. Everywhere around you, you’ll see unhealthy food that will tempt you, whether in real life or on TV. Seeing others eating unhealthily will make you want to eat that way as well. Everything is a temptation, and it’s so easy to just satisfy your desire, and so difficult to stay away from the food and to stick to healthy food. But if you don’t do this, you won’t reach your goal to become healthier. Granted, the occasional junk food item to reward yourself is acceptable (don’t torture yourself!), but if you give yourself too many rewards, you won’t see any results. Work hard, no matter how hard it is to stay away from unhealthy food, and the reward you get will taste better than any unhealthy food!

Challenge: Eat and Drink Healthy

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Challenge: Eat and drink healthily this week. Make 5 healthy changes to your diet this week! This may be drinking more water, eating only one bag of junk food, snacking on nuts instead of chocolate, and such 🙂 Have fun and enjoy yourself! Feel the health difference, as you begin to be more energized and less lethargic.

Save your story and leave a comment below on the challenge recap post on Saturday on how the challenge went!

Challenge Recap



Good job on winning over this week. Leave a Comment!

Congrats on exercising this whole week!! How was it for you? What changes did you see in your body? In you? Leave your answers down in the comments. Good job on winning over this week. Keep going!