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Become Even Awesomer: Love Yourself

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Love yourself and don’t get down. You are incredible and I love you so much.

How to become a “Kool Kat” aka awesomer 😀 (from Wanderlust)

#1: You are amazing just the way you are, so love yourself.

Are you depressed and want to commit suicide? Bullies telling you that your ugly? Or just feeling down? Don’t kill yourself, don’t believe them. Why? Because you are the beautiful, talented, unique, wonderful, amazing, you. you are wonderful just the way you are. Don’t let a bully tell you different, or to change. Don’t be depressed because you are you. You are you. You are beautiful, talented, unique, and you are.. you. We’re all wonderful just the way we are. You are beautiful inside and out. Don’t change yourself just because someone said to. You are the amazing you. If someone doesn’t like you, then they don’t deserve you. You are amazing, and don’t you let anyone or anything tell you different. Same for all these fearless victors who overcame bullying. Heck, everyone, this is the same for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a person, a teenager, an adult, it doesn’t matter if you are even a panda bear. This is the same for you. You are all what I just typed. Even if a bully thinks different, that’s just because they are jealous of you, of how amazing,beautiful,inspiring,wonderful,strong,and talented you are.

#2: ‘Different’ really just means the same

Is there someone in your school who has a disability? Someone who likes something you don’t? Don’t go with the ‘flow’, ‘trend’, or whatever the bullies have started to hurt that person. Don’t. Because even though they think that they are ‘different’, as different as night and day, or whatever, they can’t see. They are blind to the fact that you are exactly the same. Think about it. Your human, a student, around the age group, in the same school, lives in the same state, wonderful,amazing,beautiful just like you. Heck, they live on the same planet, in the same universe. So why do you choose to bully them when they are just like you. Go over to that person and talk to them. You don’t have to be friends, but hey you get extra pug points when you do. You may have similar interests! You aren’t at all different. And you know what? One day you are going to stand up against the bullies with those people. Because you are all the awesome, amazing, wonderful, inspiring, and beautiful you.

#3: Don’t smoke, its a joke

Don’t smoke, its a joke! Don’t drink, you have to rethink! Don’t do drugs, wouldn’t you rather pet pugs? Or give hugs? Drinking, smoking, and drugs are just things that are obstacles. No matter what people say, don’t do them. They’ll change your life, in a bad way. Its not the right path. Don’t do any of the following: drugs, achoholic drinks, cigarettes. Wouldn’t you rather choose the path that leads to a bright future ahead of you?

#4: If you believe you can achieve

Do you not think you can get straight A’s because your math grade is almost to an F? Don’t give up! If you believe you can achieve! Just keep thinking to yourself ‘I will get straight A’s’ or whatever. Soon enough, if you try hard and remember your goal, your bad grade will change to an A+!

#5: Congrats kool kat

You are officially awesomer 😀 Check out the original post!