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“Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are” –Anonymous


I cannot tell if being confident is something I struggle with. At times, my confidence level is extreme, and I feel as if I can do anything. Other times, however, I refuse to walk into a room alone or speak up when I know I should. So I guess there is no better time to ask: What is confidence? According to Google, confidence is a feeling of belief or the certainty in truth. As long as you believe in something strong enough, you will feel confident in the task. In most cases, that “something” is us. Often times, we do not believe in ourselves, therefore we are not confident. That can change as long as we tell ourselves to believe and trust ourselves and the ones who care about us.

Everyone has insecurities. I know I have mine. Yet we all are able to walk into a room with our heads held high and speak our mind. We are confident in ourselves. Some friends of mine often admire how confident I am about myself. But the truth is, I’m not. It is hard to be confident all the time, maybe even impossible. There are always factors that put us down. But it is up to us to get back up. No one can give your confidence to you. Sure, it can be fueled by compliments and friends, but you must believe in yourself to be confident in yourself.  



How to stay less anxious during summer

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  • Try to find a balance between working and relaxing–Summer should be all about relaxing; it is a short period of time where we are given time to take a break from the intensity of the school year. That being said, it is important to work on whatever you have to do, without waiting for the very last minute.
  • Go outside–With the warm and relaxing weather, now is a perfect time to go outside for a break. Go jogging, read a book, do something that will help  take your mind off whatever you are stressed about, but will also keep you healthy.
  • Talk to your friends–Your friends are always going to be there for you, so if there ever is a time where you are feeling anxious, give them a call and talk to them.


Exercise–It is scientifically proven that exercise decreases stress and anxiety, so try going to the gym or a 30-day challenge in your own house.

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How to maintain a healthy friendship 😃!


How to maintain a healthy friendship:

Talk to your friends–if something is bothering you, your friends will be there.

Be respectful–conversely, if someone doesn’t want to talk, respect their decision. (but be ready with a hug!)

Have fun–I know, I know, it’s such a vague and overused expression, but planning a fun day with your friends really do help make everyone closer

Make sure it is not a one way road–It’s important to know when you are in an unhealthy friendship, and that is usually when one person will do anything for the other while it won’t be like that the other way. Also, make sure that you’re giving and working for the friendship as well.


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Trust your close friends!

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Trust your close friends!

I’ve had a lot of close friends in the past, but a lot of those friendships failed in some way. Those failed friendships made me reluctant to tell my friends how I feel a lot of the time. Whenever I do, it makes me vulnerable, and I’m always worried about whether or not I was right to tell them, because what if this friendship fails somehow too?

I once had a falling out with some friends I’d been with for a long time, and it was really bad. It felt like we couldn’t even be friends after that. I was so angry, but more than that, I was mournful. I didn’t feel like I’d lost a friend, I felt like someone had died–my friendship with them. I was terrified because I couldn’t even fathom the thought of losing any more friends, especially friends who had been so good to me in the past.

During this time, I was talking to another friend pretty often. She who wasn’t involved, and I tried to act like nothing was wrong, but I couldn’t keep pretending I was fine. So I told her everything. I told her what happened with my friends, how I was terrified and so regretful, why it affected me so much, and by the end, I felt so vulnerable, but so free at the same time.

She understood why I was upset, gave me advice, told me that everything would be okay, and helped me cheer up. I could tell she was trying her best, and that in itself made me feel better because it made me realize that I shouldn’t just close myself off just because I’m scared of losing a friend. It sucks to lose a friend, but what sucks even more is having friends who seem like they care for you so much but still being unable to tell them anything because you’re afraid. Friendships are built on trust, your closest friends should be those you trust most. So if you can’t even trust your friends, who can you trust?

Challenge: Share something personal with a friend!

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Challenge: Share something personal with a friend, something you wouldn’t tell anyone else. They are there for you!

Relax, Don’t Worry

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Relax, Don’t Worry


Let every moment be

what it’s going to be.

What’s meant to be

will come your way.

What’s not will fall away.


– Mandy Hale

Believe in the Happy Ending :)



I know a lot of people, including myself, who’ve felt like giving up because they believed that no matter how hard they tried, they won’t end up happy. I think that it’s really easy to feel like this because there are so many uncertainties in the world, that you can never be sure that you will be happy. Life is cruel; it loves to make you miserable. But you can’t let it make you, or others, miserable. Not too long ago, I felt that my life was starting to come apart, and I nearly lost a lot of good friends. I almost didn’t even want to do anything, but one friend, even though she wasn’t with me physically, encouraged me to keep going and to try to make things right again. She told me that things would become better soon if I tried hard enough, and she showed me a lot of things to help me feel better. With a friend like her, I thought, hey, what’s the worst that can happen? I still have someone amazing like her. So I tried my hardest to make things right again, and now I’m back on track, and I’m closer than ever with the friends I almost lost. I was really lucky to have a friend to give me hope when I was losing a lot of it. It’s so important to give others hope because you don’t know how much they might need it for them to believe that they can be happy again.