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Vanderlei de Lima

In light of the 2016 Rio Olympics, I wanted to share the truly inspiring story of Vanderlei de Lima from Brazil. As some of you may know, during the 2004 Athens Olympics, Vanderlei de Lima was pushed off the race while he was leading in the men’s marathon. Because of this, he lost his stamina and ended up getting third place. Although, he never was sad about it. He showed great sportsmanship and accepted the bronze like it was gold.

Here is a clip that talks more about him:

He is an example of what you should do when life throws adversity at you. Instead of feeling bad about what could have happened or what didn’t happen… he was happy about what did. By being grateful for what you have and by not letting life’s downs get you down, you will be a happier person 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! And keep smiling NO MATTER WHAT!


August :)



Welcome to August! The month of fresh beginnings, transitions, and friendships. What are you looking forward to this month?

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Stopping the worry pendulum

During hard times we all shrink or fall back a little… here is some motivation for when you go through such a thing… and remember there is always someone there for you… I am there for you!

Where is my river of life leading to?  It’s not just my river as it has got tributaries in the form of kith and kin.   All the more the fears and anxieties soar up just at the dawn looking at the newspapers.  The screaming headlines in the front pages of our newspapers are enough to put any optimist in to a worry spiral.

The mind oscillates like a pendulum to the worries of the past and anxieties of the future and therefore quite restless in the present moment.  What is the way out to stop this pendulum effect and focus on the job at hand?  Especially when we do not wish to think of something that is unfavourable, the same scene occupies the center stage in our mind.  As we are busy seeing this picture, we are also unconsciously postponing our happiness which is present right at this moment.  Just look at this:

The science of problem says ‘while, problems go backwards we go forward’

Yes, it is so!  Do a timeline check from let’s say 2000 till now.  We can easily track many negative events, – the Y2K, 9/11, the Tsunami, the financial Tsunami of 2008,  26/11 and so on. We have weathered it all and still going on to face the fall out of the Brexit!  The same timeline holds good in our personal lives too where we have won against several odds. Therefore, the science of the problem says ‘we go forward’.

Welcome to the weekstarter that gives us a tip to stop the oscillating ‘worry pendulum.’

Credit: Weekstarter

How to pursue your passion

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  • If you’re new to it and still don’t know a lot about it, it’s better late than never to start learning. If it’s something that you feel you really love and are passionate about, it won’t matter, and everyone has to start sometime.
  • Don’t get too caught up in it and forget about everything else. Even if you’re chasing your passion, you can’t just neglect everything else. Health is very important, considering how stressful it is to pursue a passion, and you can’t forget about friends and family who support you.
  • Patience is key; nothing happens overnight. ‘Nuff said.
  • It’s okay to ask others for help. This type of thing is by no means easy, and there is no shame in asking experienced others who probably struggled and asked for help as well.


Don’t give up. If it’s something you love and are truly passionate about, this will be self-evident.

Beauty and Insecurities

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Insecurity is something many people struggle with, often in both outer and inner beauty. However, these insecurities are just in our head. Be confident and shine your true self. You are beautiful both inside and out!

Our host for this week discusses insecurity and beauty and shares some stories of her own. We hope you enjoy! ❤

Listen to the podcast below:


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We all have our hardships. In the moment, many of us think we are in the worst position ever….But that is not true. We are humans, humans have a way of adapting to the environment. That’s what we have been doing to get this far. We make solutions… we find out ways to get what we need. For example, communication was a huge problem before… before the technology we have now. Many times people weren’t able to get their message in time… and it would be too late. But now there are solutions to many of those problems and you matter your hardship will find a solution to it 🙂 Find a solution that will help you get through what you are going through. There are no boundaries to it… just that you have to try not to think negatively about it.

Believe in yourself… you will get through it.

Here is a quote that I found on:

It too talks about making the positive of a bad situation… and how in the end it’s all our choice. We can positively look for a solution for the situation or think negatively about it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.25.22 PM.png


How to get organized

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  • Make sure you know where things are. The age-old problem of organizing objects comes from putting everything in a nice place, but forgetting where everything is. You’re only human, and rearranging so many things at once makes it too hard to adjust. Wherever you decide to put things to make a place look neater, make sure you can find those things!
  • To-do lists are your best friend. It’s hard to completely have a perfectly planned out schedule that dictates every second of everyday, and where’s the fun in that? Rather than keep an entire daily schedule, only have set times for set appointments and keep everything else that you need to do on a to-do list. Writing it all out helps you remember everything that you have to do, and it will not only help you determine what needs to be done, but also show you what’s more urgent. Even if you don’t use it for everything, it’s especially a nice tool to use when you’re stressed and you don’t even know everything you have to do because writing it down helps you relax by making you see that “a lot” may not be that much after all.
  • Only do one thing at a time. This rule is important especially if you’re trying to organize several things at once, like your desk and your daily journal. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by all that you have to do, so the best way to avoid it is to not plan to organize several things at once. Pick one thing to do at a time and stick to it; it’s a lot more efficient and less stressful to finish one thing than to start five things and finish none. The more you finish, the more motivated you’ll be to keep going, and the best way to finish more is to not overwhelm yourself!
  • Don’t spend too much time trying to organize. Your time is precious, and organizing takes a lot of that time away. While it is important to be organized, a lot of people I know spend so much time doing so that they miss a lot of things in their lives. Be organized, but don’t dedicate your life to it.
  • Not everyone gets organized in the same way. One person might have perfectly labeled notes with different colors, highlights, and post-its, and have labelled drawers for everything, with clothes organized by season and color, but this is not always cut out for everyone. As long as you feel comfortable with your organizational method, and it is not too time-consuming, anything is okay! So don’t feel pressured to pull out that label maker for everything!