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Challenge Recap



Challenge Recap: Good job this week! Were you able to maintain a healthy schedule in order to get an appropriate amount of sleep? Did you feel a difference the next morning and for the rest of the day?


Story: Getting enough sleep isn’t impossible. Enjoy your rest!

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Story: Getting enough sleep isn’t impossible. Enjoy your rest!

It’s not impossible! I promise you, getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night is not impossible.

I realize that everyone has busy schedules, so it is hard to finish everything you have to do in order to get an appropriate amount of sleep. Procrastination gets us all. It is hard to go through an entire day of school where all we do is focus on our work, only to come home to do exactly the same thing. Taking a break and watching a movie may seem tempting, but it is important that we find the self control to finish everything we need to do.

I have always been a person who values my sleep, right from a young age. I place limits on myself so others do not have to tell me to go to bed or start working on my homework. By doing so, I have been able to get the right amount of sleep for me.

My friends are not one to value sleep as much as they should, and it worries me to see them exhausted and unenthusiastic the following day. There are always people who worry about you, wanting to make sure you get the proper rest you need. We do too! Please go and enjoy your rest!

Challenge: Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.



Challenge: Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.  

Taking time to rest has its benefits. Not only does it improve your mood by making you more energetic, it helps you do better in school and sports.  🙂 Head to bed!

Challenge Recap

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What changes did you make to your diet this week?

Did you cut down on junk food, make a plan to drink more water, or something else? Leave a reply in the comments!

Brain and Body

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Brain and Body

Healthy brain foods, what’s the cost?

Those that avoid, their memory is lost.

We need more than nutrients essential,

Our human brains, have so much potential.


Assorted berries, a memory boost,

Apples protect us, cancers reduced.

Cherries will fight inflammation,

Dark chocolate boosts, our circulation.


Oysters provide us with plenty of zinc,

Aging and healing, there is a link.

Eggs and fish, will build our brains,

All these foods, have countless gains.



Diet for yourself, not for others



My mother always tells me that it’s important to eat well and exercise in order to look good, and to keep looking good. But if that’s all I think of when I’m aiming to diet, I can never get too far in my diet. This is because looks aren’t that important to me, and I’m not really trying to impress anyone. After all, why should I? Most of the people I know don’t care whether I’m slim or not, and if they do, why does their opinion matter? I started thinking more about the health benefits. I want to live healthily and for a long time so that I can be happy, but I don’t care what people think about my body, and I shouldn’t.

I just focus on being healthy, which helps me diet because I’m not doing it to impress others, but because I want to live healthily and happily. You shouldn’t care either. If others care about what you look like, why does their opinion matter to you? You should do what makes you happy, not others. Diet for your health, not to look good in front of others, because you already look great!

How to Stick to a Diet



How to stick to a diet


  • Make a realistic plan you can stick to. Don’t take too many breaks from your diet, but don’t completely deprive yourself of the food that you love, even if it’s unhealthy. You know yourself.
  • Reward yourself every so often. Like I mentioned in the previous one, you should still eat what you love every so often, because it’s important to live freely in your life. Make sure you don’t give yourself too many rewards!
  • Get rid of unhealthy food. It’ll only tempt you to eat it. You can definitely buy yourself something unhealthy as an occasional reward though!
  • Don’t skip meals. If you’re on a diet to lose weight or fat or for any reason, don’t skip meals. You will only feel tired and hungry, and it’ll make you lose motivation. Eat good, healthy meals that keep you from snacking.
  • Stay strong. Dieting isn’t easy. It can be really difficult to keep yourself from eating snacks or eating unhealthy food. But to stay motivated, you have to keep reminding yourself why you’re dieting. Remember that goal, and don’t punish yourself when you diet. The best diet is maintaining a diet.