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Summer Memories

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Summer Memories by Teresa Dearing

Hot pavement burns the feet,

Cool green grass what a treat.


Sand stuck between the toes,

Sun burnt skin on the nose.


Cotton clouds floating by,

Baby blue paints the sky.


Kids running out to play,

School is out, happy day.


Summer smells fill the air,

As we play with out care.


Waiting lines, ice cream stands,

Young and old are the fans.


All nature’s running high,

Summers breeze brush the sky.


Pools and waves cool the skin,

What a day for a friend.


Tired, sleepy children cry,

Once more, they want to try.


Visit family, see friends,

All too soon summer ends.


Soon tired of summer’s heat,

Autumn brings cool relief.


Cool days turn green to gold,

Summer memories~we hold.

Everyday is a New Beginning.

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Everyday is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again.

    This quote speaks to me on a whole new level. If ever you are feeling put down or stressed out, take a deep breath and start over. Everyday offers a new beginning; it is up to us to claim it and work to improve your fresh start.

My summers would always be filled with stress and anxiety because I felt that I was not “living to my full potential.” In other words, I never believed that I was doing anything productive. Although I am a person who prefers to spend the night watching a movie from the comfort of my own house, I would always feel guilty that I was not utilizing my summer break to meet some friends that are visiting from college or before anyone goes on a vacation to another country. Worst of all, I would always believe that I was not preparing myself for the upcoming year. Since I am someone who likes to get a head start on the school year, I would stress out if I was not doing something to help me with a class that I know I will have a hard time in. Little things like that would always have me wonder whether or not I was ready, or if I should give up parts of my break to focus on things I think I should be doing.

Eventually, I learned that there is only so much you can do. After long school year filled with stress and panic, it is not only good, but necessary to take the time off for one to relieve his or her anxiety. During days I felt that I was not being productive at all, I would tell myself to make a change the next day: go outside, paint something, read a book, anything that will help improve my productivity during the summer. If ever you feel like you are not being productive, try dedicating an hour everyday for you to do what you feel is necessary. If you are not able to, don’t freak out. Summer is there to take a break from the school year. You can always start over the next day.

My Room

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My room is a place of both solitude and friendship. It provides me with comfort during the most difficult and trying times, and amusement with friends during the pleasant and enjoyable times. The bright summer sun casts light and heat into the room through my big window onto my turquoise walls, brightening up the room and prompting me to turn on the fan. It is a time of friendship and joy; my friends’ frequent visits to my house bring laughter into my room, causing the bright room to somehow seem brighter and fight away the solitude that sprung up during the school year. Summer is a time of freedom to do the things I love and to immerse myself completely in happiness. Blissfully, I look out the window at sunset and see the colors of the setting sun, seeming large at this time than at any other time of day, the sky, tinted by the sunlight yet still blue in some areas, and the mountains, distant and green, dance in a glorious and magnificent choreography that makes me to wish that summer would never end.