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Challenge Recap

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How did the challenge go for you? Were you able to do something for your friends? I’m sure your friends were extremely touched by your act of kindness. Leave a comment down below!

Challenge Recap

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How was it? Were you able to open up to a close friend?

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Challenge: Share something personal with a friend!

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Challenge: Share something personal with a friend, something you wouldn’t tell anyone else. They are there for you!

Challenge: Treat your friend to something this week

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Challenge: Treat your friend to something this week. Show them how much their friendship means to you 🙂

Challenge Recap



As our health month comes to an end, I want you to look back at all you’ve done. This week, have you been able to relax more? Are there any tips you have that helped you calm your mind? Please comment down below and share your thoughts or your experiences, we’d love to hear them 🙂

Challenge: Take a little break, go outside, relax!!!



Take a little break, go outside, relax!!! You deserve it 🙂

Every day this week, or as you see this, take a break! Do things you enjoy and step outside and experience nature. 🙂

Challenge Recap



Challenge Recap: Good job this week! Were you able to maintain a healthy schedule in order to get an appropriate amount of sleep? Did you feel a difference the next morning and for the rest of the day?

Challenge: Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.



Challenge: Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.  

Taking time to rest has its benefits. Not only does it improve your mood by making you more energetic, it helps you do better in school and sports.  🙂 Head to bed!

Challenge Recap

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What changes did you make to your diet this week?

Did you cut down on junk food, make a plan to drink more water, or something else? Leave a reply in the comments!

Challenge: Eat and Drink Healthy

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Challenge: Eat and drink healthily this week. Make 5 healthy changes to your diet this week! This may be drinking more water, eating only one bag of junk food, snacking on nuts instead of chocolate, and such 🙂 Have fun and enjoy yourself! Feel the health difference, as you begin to be more energized and less lethargic.

Save your story and leave a comment below on the challenge recap post on Saturday on how the challenge went!