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Everything will be fine


I am going to go to college soon.. And I’m scared. It’s not because I don’t want to go, but it’s because feel like I can’t be a kid anymore there.


I told my parents about this fear, and they said that I didn’t have to stop being a kid. This really struck me. I realized that in the end it was my decision how I treated the idea of going to college. I had chosen to see it as a milestone where I will be separated from my family and I will have to take the world on by myself. But it didn’t have to be that way.
I believe that our mind is so strong that if you think a certain way you will start to believe it. For me, thinking pessimistically is much easier than seeing the brighter side of the situation. Therefore, I was more inclined to think about college that way in the beginning. But now I have tried to change that way of thinking. I am looking more on the positive side of going to college. For example, I am thinking about how I will get to meet new people and maybe live in New York (which sounds amazing).
This idea of focusing on the other side can be applied to any situation.
For a pessimist it will remind them to think positively and not just end things because “they will never happen”.
For the optimist they have to remember to be careful in situations and not just think that everything will go their way. I don’t mean to put you down but sadly that is life… things don’t go your way.
Therefore, try to look at a situation from all perspectives before you make a decision. For me, I learned to look at the positive thoughts about going to college and now I am not so scared anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Everything will be fine

  1. College was the best time of my life. You can do it, Pizza. In fact, you may become popular at college.

    But I understand your nervousness, I was there, too. But you’ll get through it.

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  2. Getting to college is an amazing experience. In my personal experience, I enjoyed it more that high school! 😊 What I am trying to say is that College is not “everything is serious” thing! You can still have fun- only you need to be more mature with your actions a little more! I’m sure you’ll like your independence but I recommend you definitely keep your family close even if you are going long- distance.
    You’ll definitely survive it and I’m sure you’ll be amazing as long as you try to be more optimistic most of the time. And yes- you can still be a kid at heart! 😊

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