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What a Good Day

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I watch my friends walk away to get ice cream for the three of us before turning my head forward, towards the sea. School was over, and after an embarrassingly long time of planning a trip to the beach, my friends and I finally got to go and relax after the stress that always accompanies the end of the school year.

We’d gone shopping earlier in the day, and simply walked around the little town, taking in the sights of others walking around while window shopping, vendors in stalls on the streets, and the street performers, who never fail to gather their audiences. Now it was 4:13, and we just arrived at the beach and set up our chairs.

I lay back on my own beach chair, watching the other beachgoers rejoice in their summertime. A group of teenagers were burying their friend in the sand, and it made me smile as I remembered doing that with my friends. Another group of people was playing volleyball, while more groups still were doing just what I was: watching as the ocean’s tide moved in and out. The full moon was that day, so the waves were large enough for a fun time surfing, which was exactly what more people were doing. I also saw a few families, kids looking in the tide pools in wonder with their parents. Everyone looked so happy, that I felt at peace just seeing it. I smiled and closed my eyes, soaking up the sun, until a shadow blocked the sun’s rays.

“One chocolate cone.”

I smiled and took the cone, feeling completely blissful. What a good day, I thought.

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One thought on “What a Good Day

  1. I am glad you had a good day.


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