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Things to Do Over the Summer

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5 New Things to Do Over the Summer


  • Start journaling. It may seem silly and even awkward to write down your thoughts, but it is a great way to reflect on life with all of your creativity! Journaling has no rules; you can write about your own life, compose music, draw cool graphics, or create a new invention. You’ll be able to look back at all of your ideas by the end of summer.
  • Take a yoga class. Get yourself in downward dog position for a summer filled with relaxation and health! Studies have shown that yoga can significantly relieve depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It can also improve posture and overall happiness, and it would be so much fun to try this out with friends by your side.
  • Treat yourself. You’ve earned it; it’s time to relax! If you want to sleep in a little longer or buy yourself some junk food that you would not normally eat, go for it. Just don’t get too crazy.
  • Learn a new topic. Summer is a great time to learn something new and keep your brain working, even though school is not technically in session. Take this time to learn about a topic you are genuinely interested in (think new languages, the history of Ancient civilizations, different sports, and other activities you typically wouldn’t try!) You would be surprised at how much you know by the time school comes around.
  • Try a new recipe. Even for children and teens, cooking is a good skill to have. Some easy meals include: paninis, pasta, salads, smoothies, etc. Experiment with different recipes (under adult supervision if necessary) that are easy and fun to make so that you can keep them with you once the school year starts again.



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