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 Pictures aren’t what you’ll remember 50 years from now, memories are, so focus on making memories with the people who matter most to you.

      I’ve never really been one to take lots of pictures wherever I go. My Snapchat story is almost always empty, my Facebook only has older pictures of me, and I haven’t posted any new photos on my Instagram since December. It’s not that I never go anywhere or do anything interesting; I do, but I rarely take pictures of any of it. I always forget. I like taking pictures, but it’s never the first thing I do because it’s not that important to me. I’m always so immersed in where I am and what I’m doing, so I forget to do it most of the time. Pictures are great to remember where you’ve been, but I think the best way to remember is to enjoy it to the fullest and live in the moment. Pictures can capture a lot of things, but they can’t capture fun for you to relive, so live in the moment first and have as much fun as you can before pulling out that camera.

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