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Letting go is perfectly fine

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I once was in a very unhealthy relationship. It was one of those friendships that just seemed all pretty and nice on the surface, but in truth was in turmoil underneath. When I first met her, I thought she was amazing. She was nice, very outgoing and down-to-earth, and seemed like she would be fun to hang out with. So me being new to the school, I decided that I could be friends with her.

As time went by, however, things didn’t work out as I thought they would. She would get angry at the tiniest things, and if I made a mistake she would hold grudges forever. Other times, she would ditch me and hang out with other people when we had already made plans. Although she acted nice on the surface, and around others, she completely ignored me other times. I felt dismayed, and that she had betrayed our relationship.

We soon broke ties with each other, and I’m honestly so glad that happened. I thought that I would have to endure being friends, but in truth neither of us liked the fake relationship in the first place. I’m sure she’s truly a nice person, but we had differing intentions and personalities which were just not compatible. Now, I feel so much more better that we have gone our separate ways and moved on with our lives.

So if you’re feeling stressed out about any friendships in your life, don’t be afraid to let go. In the end, things will work out. You shouldn’t have to hang on to the negative things in your life at all, no matter who you are.

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