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Friendships will last a lifetime

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Friendships will last a lifetime

During the end of freshman year, we had an assembly where the now graduated seniors gave us advice we could carry with us for the rest of high school. I was fascinated, listening to the stories and struggles of people just like me. Many of them grew up in the similar stress-induced environment that I did, so their advice actually did help me feel more confident about the rest of high school.

One girl stood out to me. She talked about some of her struggles in high school and how she moved past them. Eventually she started talking about friends. She talked about how she had these great friends for Junior High that she kept a close friendship with in her freshman and sophomore years. But then everything changed during junior year. They grew apart or something happened. To be honest, I wasn’t listening anymore because I knew that something like that would not happen to me. I had the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for (and I still do!!). I do recall, however, her talking about how they all worked it out, which lead me to believe that if there is any trouble with myself and my friends, we can get through it together.

My friends and I have have been through a lot. We’ve had our fights, but we’ve always managed to work things out. If I am ever in a rough spot with my friends, I am always confident that it will work out because friends always stick together. Don’t be afraid to talk about your worries with your friends. They will listen and they will be there for you. I’ve never been one to talk about personal matters with anyone, but I know that when I need to, my friends will be there for me. Your friends will always be there for you whenever you need someone. They will protect you and help you in any way possible and most importantly, they will never abandon you. Because friendships last a lifetime.


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