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Changing the world Starts with YOU!


Isn’t it weird that as create technology to bring us closer we are actually more disconnected from the people close to us? Or as we are able to meet more kinds of people… the more we judge them? I am not saying this is true for everyone but I am not gonna lie that I have done so sometimes.

Sometimes people struggle to start a conversation just with another human but that is the most important part. Communication is very important especially face to face. Making connections and being human is what is important. We all should try not to be so influenced by technology… we should use it to our advantage not let it consume us.

This is an amazing thought provoking video talking about this “paradox of our generation” that comes with the use of technology. Jay Shetty explains his point of view very well. Even if you agree with it or not, I hope you can watch this video 🙂

Hope you have an amazing week ahead!



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2 thoughts on “Changing the world Starts with YOU!

  1. Just watched the video I think you are referring to (is it just me or is the link not in the post?) and it is AMAZING. He is a very talented speaker and he points out so many true paradoxes! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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