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A friend to all is a friend to none.

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A friend to all is a friend to none. -Aristotle

I had this philosophy that in order for someone to be your friend, they have to first like you. Now, that isn’t particularly wrong but to me, that meant trying my best to be kind and understanding towards everyone to a point where I would be able to walk down the hall in school and wave at just about everyone I knew. This went on for a few years and the first time I started to realize my mistake was when I pulled up Facebook (after going on a hiatus) and wanting to chat with someone. When I found some familiar names, however, I didn’t feel all that comfortable talking to them, even on social media because I knew that they were friendly but not really close. As I kept scrolling down the list, I was forced to face the truth: no one was really my friend. By being nice and reaching out to every single person that I knew, it was impossible for me to spend quality time with a few people that I have closer connections to, but I ignored that and let some very valuable friendships slip away. It’s still one of my biggest regrets.  After a few years, I was finally able to change that when I met a group that seemed to share interests and to have similar personalities. From then on, I spent time with only them and paid less attention to the floating groups I sometimes visited. Many people that were nice to me before drifted away but I didn’t really pay them any mind because I had my own group of close friends.

Cherish the people who really care about you and want to take time out of their lives just to spend with you. Instead of trying to make everyone happy, look inside. Are you really feeling happy too? If you already have close friends, hold them close. They know that you will be there for them so they want you to know that they will be there for you. Friends is just one of those things where it is quality over quantity.


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