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Get Enough Sleep! :)



You always hear about the importance of exercising, and how that leads to a healthy body and mind. That is true, and the same can be applied to sleep. Researchers have proved that just like exercise, getting a proper amount of sleep can lead to a healthy body and appetite. Similarly, it also leads to lower stress levels, which is important with the amount of stress people are exposed to everyday.

People I care about do not pay much attention to the amount of sleep they get. It is hard to notice when something is off with yourself, but your friends and family will notice it for you. They all care and want to help. My friends eat less and have a hard time focusing in class because of their lack of sleep every night.

I would not say that getting a proper amount of sleep has significantly reduced my stress, but I have noticed the positivity in my mind and the smile on my face. Sleep is important, and after a long day, everyone deserves a peaceful break.    


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2 thoughts on “Get Enough Sleep! :)

  1. So important! it defiantly impacts my whole day! Keep the great posts up!

    Liked by 1 person

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