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The real meaning of happiness :)


Happiness in my opinion is kind of complicated since our emotions sometimes get confused between fame, money and stuff with actual happiness.

Often times we think having a big house or the best car will make us happy. In the contrary, the opposite is may be true. Happiness is doing what you love everyday, being with the people you love and helping others. Yes, everyone has different things/people they find happiness in but just remember:

You don’t have to be rich to be happy, you just have to be you to be happy. 

Don’t do things since other’s are doing it. Do it because you WANT to. Sometimes, to be honest, I forget what I actually like.

You just have to think about what makes you happy. Not just to show off, but really happy, something that will make you happy when nobody is watching as well. I am going to be honest, I sometimes do things to show off and show others that I have something. But in reality that type of “happiness” just latest a few moments. What happens after? that thing probably just winds up in some corner in my house.

Things/people that give you give true happiness are the ones that stay with you… things/people that matter to YOU… not to others… YOU!

Here is an small article with two videos in which Cameron Diaz talks about happiness:

Cameron Diaz Beautifully Sums Up The Real Meaning Of Happiness

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