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Do not stop



A while back, I started taking a liking to running. The process of running, I will admit, is not the best, but the feeling afterwards that you get from finishing the race or training makes up for it. When I first started the sport, I was one of the weaker runners there so I automatically started to become less and less motivated. Many people were just more fit than I was. After a few weeks of training, however, I found it easier to catch up to them. Sometimes, I would be able to run with them for a small part of the road. That small part expanded into a road, a mile, and soon the whole run. Before I knew it, I was running with the runners I looked up to so much. One thing I realized, however, is the amount of shortcuts they take. Sometimes during the run, they would jump fences to get back to the school faster or just drive in their car, go hangout somewhere else, and come back to school when time was up. Because I was really focused on training, I would just let them go ahead and finish the rest of the workout.

Periodically, our trainer does small “check-ups” here and there just to see how we would do in the races. Rather than be worried about how fast I went compared to others, I just wanted to see improvements. By the end of the season, my overall mile time dropped significantly. The other fast runners that took the short-cuts still had the fastest time but I wasn’t that far behind. I went from near the bottom of the team to somewhere near the top-middle (I think) in just a season because I focused on improvement in the things I do, rather than the speed I do them in.

This applies for everything, not just sports. Take time and put effort into the things you do. Although it may seem small at the moment, it will help you in the future. Build a strong foundation so that the extra big bricks you pile on top won’t come tumbling down. The plant absorbs the sunlight for the energy, but the real nutrients come from what the roots absort. If the plant doesn’t have healthy roots, even with a whole day of sunshine, it won’t be able to grow as well. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the pressure of finishing first or just not being last that we forget why we do the things we do. Keep going no matter how hard it might seem. You will definitely see the difference.

It’s okay to take baby-steps. You will stumble less later when you learn to run. 😀 Just do you!


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2 thoughts on “Do not stop

  1. laying that solid foundation and making steady progress. Great reminder.

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