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Quotes for Happiness


Happiness is actually very vital to our survival. Other than just medical reasons , it just makes us feel… well Happy 🙂 We need to be happy! When one person is happy, it’s a chain reaction that takes place, since the way we interact with others changes as well. Since you are happy, you may smile at someone who you never used to or just a random stranger, and that maybe just what they needed to feel better. Now, they are happy and they will spread it to others and so on 🙂 Happiness is contagious and it’s good for you! You just need to learn how to keep it with you and never let it go! Oh also, this is somewhat related but hugging people actually good for your and their health as well! It increase your immunity and health in general! Haha 🙂 Just a random fact!

This post just has some really sweet and happy quotes will for sure start that ignition to your happiness! ❤ Hope you like it!

This week, my quotes are all about happiness. Happiness can be hard to find and even hard to maintain once you do find it. It can take so many different shapes and come in so many sizes. But you will know when it hits you. It kind of just happens. When you feel complete and… well… happy. And when you get there, never let it go.

Happiness can be a place, a memory, or a loved one. It could be your favorite place as a child like that treehouse in your backyard, or the first memory you have of the sand beneath your toes at the ocean because you grew up in a landlocked state, or even that time you found your soulmate. There is no “mold” or secret formula and to each person it’s different. Another’s definition of happiness might be completely different than your own. Stay true to yourself and happiness…

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  1. You are so very right about happiness. .loved your post.

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