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As our theme of the month, hope, comes to an end, I want you to seriously reflect on how you’ve been doing for the past month. Have you been able to regain hope? Have you felt like you’ve lost hope? For me, there have been multiple times when I’ve felt like giving up and losing hope because things weren’t working out the way I wanted them to. For example, when I noticed my math grade went down a lot, I knew I needed to do well on the next test. I had been doing poorly the past few weeks, and I kept telling myself I would do better and raise my grade. However, I had created a habit of not studying to my fullest extent and being lazy, so whenever I didn’t understand a problem I immediately gave up. When I tried studying, I lost hope in a mere few seconds because I thought I would never understand the material. Two days before the test, I went to bed without learning any math concepts for it.

However, the next day was a new start. I decided that I would study as much as possible, because even if I did badly on the test, at least I tried. A new day gave me new chances to study and learn more, and by forcing myself to focus I was actually able to understand things I previously had trouble with. Instead of thinking of it as one day closer to the test, I thought of it as one more day to start anew and try my hardest. By turning my negative thoughts into positive emotions, I was able to do well on my test, and I’m happy to say that my hard work paid off. I’ve been through countless situations like this, whether it be my academics, social life, or personal issues. I hope that if any of you are going through the same struggles, just know that with each new sunrise, which each new start of a day, you have more time and more opportunities to try your hardest and regain your hope. So instead of giving up and letting time just slip by, use each day to it’s fullest extent and live life as hopefully as you can.

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