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What I am meant to do?


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I often wonder… “What am I supposed to do in the future?” 

This article does a pretty good job to help break down to just some possibilities of what one can do in the future depending on what their interests are. I really liked it since it helped me see the connection between what I am good at and what I like to do. Granted YOU will be the one in the end who choose the path, but this may help guide you.

I often feel stressed out that I can’t find out what I want to do, or what I am good at. I feel like I will be too late to make the decision and then my whole life will come crumbling down. But that is not true! You need those downs in your life to appreciate the ups when they occur. And I am going to be honest with you, there will be downs and at those times you may feel like you aren’t good enough or you haven’t done enough. BUT you have! You are all worth it… not worthless (don’t you ever tell yourself that). Often we are forced to conform to certain subjects or things due to pressure or just other forces in our lives but like Einstein said,

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Hope you find what YOU want to do, don’t do what others doing… be yourself since there is no other like you and you should be proud.




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3 thoughts on “What I am meant to do?

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom! I especially love your Einstein quote.:)

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