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Hope Never Leaves



Sometimes, all you want to do is give up. And that’s reasonable. But hope never leaves us. It’s found even in the darkest of times or at your lowest points. And as long as you have hope, you have something to strive for; something to believe in. Don’t give up, it gets better. Life has its ups and downs–trust me, I would know.

There are days where I just want everything to stop. But I found hope to keep going. It wasn’t until weeks later where I was happy. My hope got me there, and yours can help you too. I wanted to be happy. So did my friends. I remember coming to school on certain days where I was feeling down, and my friends instantly noticed that there was something wrong with me. Their hope for me to be happy, made me hopeful too, and that truly helped!


Author: silverlining

A community dedicated to spreading happiness and comforting those in need.

6 thoughts on “Hope Never Leaves

  1. Sounds like you have great friends….I know how you felt I have felt Kike this many times and the good thing we get up and keep moving ..

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  2. Yess!There is always hope…such an amazing truth….

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