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3 Small Ways to Make People Happy

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  • Smile at them. Smiles and happiness are contagious, so smiling is a great way to make people happy.
  • Ask people how they’re doing. It’s important to let people know that others care about them, and asking how they are is an excellent way to show you care. After they reply, don’t simply say, “That’s nice,” or something of the sort. Truly be interested in how they are doing.


Do something nice, such as holding the door open for them. I always feel nice when people do that for me, because it’s so easy to not do it. They just do it out of kindness. It’s something that definitely makes me want to return the favor. 🙂

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A community dedicated to spreading happiness and comforting those in need.

One thought on “3 Small Ways to Make People Happy

  1. Yes,these little acts of kindness mean alot. 🙂

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