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Don’t be afraid to talk to others :)



Ever since I was little, I was always worried about speaking to people. I constantly worried (and still do worry!) that I would say something wrong and be horribly judged for it. So I never really said much as a child. Whenever I played games with my friends, they were always the ones to choose the game and what I would do in the game because I rarely objected. There were a lot of times that I wasn’t having much fun because of this, but I was too nervous to say anything, so I only objected when I truly did not want to do something. I lived this way until the 4th grade, when I made two friends who really wanted me to tell them what I thought about the games we played. They always worried about me and whether or not I was having fun. For a while, I still didn’t say much, until one day when one of them said, “Please tell me if you’re having fun. It really matters a lot to me whether my friends are having fun.” It really encouraged me to start giving my opinion more in things. She made me realize that my real friends wouldn’t stop being friends with me so easily. Today, I still worry a lot about what I say, but now I’m not afraid to give me opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to talk to others :)

  1. I am glad that you are making the effort though 🙂 that’s what matters. Isn’t it amazing to have people like that in our lives!


  2. What an awesome 9 year old friend you had! I had a friend like that too, but when I was much older and more reserved. I’m much better today about speaking up, although most people would still term me shy. It’s a conscious effort though.

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