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Wednesday Wisdom – believe in yourself…

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Source: Wednesday Wisdom – believe in yourself…

Original post by: Harmony with PCOS

Hello there 🙂

Here is a motivational quote that talks about “believing in yourself”. I know this is really hard to do sometimes, especially when things aren’t going your way. It is hard to love yourself sometimes. I sometimes start to feel like I am worthless and haven’t done anything in life.

People who have self-trust are always happy. Self-faith isn’t something that is immpossible. We all can achieve it. Even though we might start trusting our selves in different ways… we will get there 🙂

Some of the ways that I do:

  • Listen to some upbeat music (to take my mind off of those thoughts)
  • Read some motivational quotes online
  • Get some sleep (since I will feel more energized to accomplish more)
  • Make lists (it’s a weird thing I do to make myself feel better… it calms me down and helps of focus on what I need to get done and NOT worry about what I haven’t done)
  • Write down what you have accomplished

And once you do get yourself motivated, which ever way that is, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!

You just have to put your mind to it.

Like they say: “If there is a will, there is a way”. You just have to find the will.

Once you start it will become almost like a cycle:

You get motivated → you finish a task → you feel accomplished and gain self confidence → you are motivated to finish more

When you accomplish things you build self-trust and faith since you start to believe that you can do things.

Believe in yourself, you CAN do it, you are WORTH IT. Trust yourself, respect yourself… ❤


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