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Recently, I had a friend tell me her worries and frustration with another person. She had kept her feelings bottled up so she wouldn’t hurt any feelings, but she was slowly being weighed down by the weight of her pain. After she told me everything, I could already tell that she was feeling a lot better. Her talking had slowed and her radiant smile slowly came back. In response, I offered her tips regarding her situation because I know how it feels to be alone and suddenly discover there is someone there for you. Even something as small as helping another person pick up something they’ve dropped makes a world of a difference, especially if they are feeling especially bad day. I used to be scared to help others because I didn’t’ know how, but now, I realize that it is the thought that counts and I am more confident to help out. It isn’t hard to change someone’s frown to a smile so step up and help someone today!

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A community dedicated to spreading happiness and comforting those in need.

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