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The Beginning of Beauty

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Different parts of the world have different ideas about ideal types of beauty and what they perceive as beautiful. But just because you look a certain way, or don’t meet society’s standards, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. You don’t have to buy certain makeup products or clothes just to please others, either. If it pleases you, go ahead. But if it’s not what truly makes you happy, or doesn’t express your true self, then don’t waste your time! You shouldn’t be afraid to look the way you are or dress a certain way. Once you become your true self, your beauty will definitely shine through— and others will notice as well. I always used to follow others when it came to beauty and the latest fashion trends. However, I became way too obsessed with what others thought of my looks, my hair, or my clothes. Everything had to be “perfect”- but I was following society’s standards, not my own. One day,  though, I got a sudden jolt of inspiration by reading other people’s stories online, and I decided it was time to change myself. I told myself, enough was enough; from now on, I wouldn’t care whether people thought my hair looked gross or my shirt was ugly. I would dress and look the way I wanted to, not the way others wanted me too. And I wouldn’t alter any part of me just because others think I’m better that way. The moment I let go of these social stigmas, I felt truly free. So remember, while it’s okay to be a part of a trend and conform sometimes, you don’t have to care about what others think or get stressed over it. Beauty truly shines when you are your true self. Be who makes YOU happy, not others.

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