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Act Confident and Be Confident

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Yesterday’s tip made me want to talk about the importance of acting confident in general. I’m a really awkward person and I get embarrassed pretty easily despite how I seem, so I often have trouble acting confident. But it’s really important to make an outward conscious effort in looking confident because looking confident will make people think you are confident, which in turn makes you confident because confidence gains the respect of others. To this day I still use the tips that were posted yesterday because they helped make me so confident. I walk fast and people step out of the way to let me pass because they know I won’t stop for anyone (I might but they don’t know that). I stand tall (I have to, I’m so short) and I keep my head high and look at people in the eye when I talk, and people tell me that I look so confident and a little intimidating because of how sure of myself I look. And those comments made me feel confident because I was capable of giving off that feeling. Act confident, and it’ll help you be confident.

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