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Tips to Appear More Confident

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One thing my parents taught me is that even if I’m not confident about something, I need to act like I am, or I’ll let others walk all over me. This is actually a good way to become confident because if you act like you’re something all the time, you become that way. And the first step to being confident is looking confident in how you stand and walk.


  • Walk quickly, even if you’re not in a hurry. If you walk quickly all the time, even without a set destination, people will not know that you aren’t really going anywhere because they will see how fast you’re walking and assume that you do have a destination. Knowing where exactly you’re going is a characteristic of a confident person, so this will definitely help.
  • Stand tall with your head held high. As I say this, I don’t want you to act like you’re better than everyone, but I want you to think, “I am a valuable person worth respecting,” because it’ll help you feel confident, but not overconfident. Standing tall will help you feel confident and will make others respect you more; just try it right now. 🙂 You will also have better posture, which is good for your health as well. Simply imagine a string on your head, pulling you up.
  • When waiting for something, focus your attention at something so you won’t look “awkward.” One way that I do this is when I’m waiting for a ride home, I just stare at my phone, even if I’m not doing anything on it. I know, it sounds really weird and crazy, but hey, others don’t know that I’m actually not doing anything because I’m pretending that I have something important to look at. Others won’t think you look awkward because you look like you’re doing something.


With that last line, my last, more general tip is to do everything with purpose to show that you’re sure of yourself. That’s all, now get out there and be confident! These are just tips, so don’t feel a need to lose yourself in them. You are awesome already! Believe in yourself 🙂


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